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So, here goes, 5 minutes on the clock and...

starting pistol.png

I used to love visiting Habitat on Tottenham Court Road, London, back in the day. It is possibly my favourite furniture shop ever. I never bought anything though. It was way too expensive for me but I did like to walk around and pretend. I'd allow myself to imagine all the lovely bits of furniture in a beautiful home that I did not own - that was equally conjured inside my very large capacious imagination as well - and just bring myself into the image. Me. Possibly a photoshopped version of my current self, but me all the same.

Now, I work in a furniture shop. I have the responsibility for all the accessories and making the store look great. I guess my imagination took shape. Slightly different to my imagination in that it isn't my home habitat, but it is a space I frequent and spend a great deal of time in, the universe has a funny sense of humour, methinks.

I run out of things to say. I look at the clock and see the seconds slipping by.

The annoying tone buzzes out. Stop!

This is my second 5 minute freewrite. I intend to stop by and take a look at some of the other participants, drop a comment, upvote where I can, and just enjoy this new community that I have found.

If you fancy taking a look you can drop by and check out today's freewriting post here and you'll find links to other #freewrite posts in the comments.


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How wonderful - I can just see you drifting around Habitat, conjuring your perfect surroundings, home, self, life... and boy oh boy - yes the universe has a brilliant sense of humour! I used to be drawn into the lighting departments... I always thought it was like some kind of magical wonderland. My granddad always wanted to take me out when I went to visit him - and I always asked to go to the home interiors shops ;)

I loved your freewrite- this is definitely a community I want to get more involved with in 2019!

Evie x

Great to share memories of Habitat with you, @eveningart.

My internet's been down most of today so apart from this quick post I wasn't able to get around and read the others. I guess they'll have to wait foe tomorrow now. ❤

How cool, is it antique furniture?

💌Prompt brought to you by Bruni💌 (2).jpg

No, Habitat is known for its modern, unique collections of furniture. A bit of a tren setter really.

Thanks for the link to the next word. I will ponder it as I sleep and with luck my internet will still be working in the mornkng.

It is funny how we end up in places we never thought off. Do you like it?

Loving it so far! 😁

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