Freewrite: Muddy Boots

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Prompt: Dirty Feet


I watch Megan as she hops about in the muddy puddles. It had rained today, a nice surprise in the heat of the summer. The church bells were ringing, it was Sunday, and Megan was in the process of ruining her yellow butterfly dress along with her favorite pink boots.

"Meg, honey, you're getting all dirty," I tell her, but she pays no mind to the words I spoke.

I sigh, what can I do, she's hopping with glee and I give in. I'm such a pushover, but she's happy so that's what matters. She looks at me, a big grin on her face and mud all over her dress, and I smile back.

This is my 5-minute freewrite, you can find today's link here: Dirty Feet

Muddy Pink Boots

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