Poetry Speaks: Painting

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Freewrite Prompt: Paint

I stared at the painting on the wall
The grotesque depiction of life
A mother, an infant, a child, a rebel
A criminal, a judge, a saint, an elder

In the arms of a mother, an infant cries
Demanding sustained attention
Then drifts into peaceful sleep, angelic!
A mother's heart melts with joy

The child plays to the heart's content
No fret, no worry, carefree
Under the watchful eye
The child feels safe-- is safe

Discovery, delinquency across freedom's line
The thrill, the surge of ecstasy
One too many times experienced
The price, I now shall pay

Cling to hope in darkness
Climb above the reeking pit
Bathe in pure spring water
Renewed, a testament to forgiveness

Peacefully I live, peacefully I share
Aged arms opened wide
Nothing to hide
I tell my story one more time

I stared at the painting on the wall
The grotesque depiction of life
A mother, an infant, a child, a rebel
A criminal, a judge, a saint, an elder
Finally laid to rest

Thank you for reading the freewrite. @mariannewest gives a daily prompt and we step up to the challenge.
I don't know how I ended up with this poem. I might've strayed a bit from the prompt. :D

Join in the fun!

Rules for the 5-Minute Freewrite
• Set your timer for 5 minutes.
• Start writing
• Use the hashtag #freewrite
• Publish your piece or post as a reply to the respective prompt post @Mariannewest.
• If you decide to publish it, drop the link at the prompt post here.

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Photo credits to Amanda Schreiber. If you're interested to buy this awesome painting feel free to click the link.
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Really enjoyed this and it related so well to the image. Lots of atmospheric touches with excellent word economy. Great job!

Anj :)

very cool! I don't think it strays far from the painting at all :D

If you're looking for some more writing inspiration, I posted a small contest on Sunday where the goal is to write a short story based on a drawing - If you're into that sort of thing or know anyone else who might be please spread the word!

Awesome. I'll check it out. I'm not sure if I will have the time but i'll try my best. :)

No worries if not! Regardless, I like the poem you posted :D

What a cool painting!! And you were right on target!!

Yeah, I didn't know what to write till I saw this work of art.

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