5 Minute Freewrite Friday Prompt: filthy rich

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The phrase of filthy rich is like a loud bell in my mind. Everyday, I'm a billionaire because I carry millions of VND in my wallet. I'm sure most of you would understand me if you've been to Vietnam. The smallest currency is VND 1,000 which is rarely used.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Carrying VND 5million is a very common thing to the Vietnamize. And after a while, it's becoming very common to me too. I learn to adapt to the culture & becomings of the locals here. Made some friends amongst my colleagues but yet having some quality time to myself too.

Do I spend like a millionaire ?

Most definitely not ! Instead, each time I spend on anything, I will convert it back to USD & MYR just to compare the prices back home. Yeah... I must be overly OCD or something. But, I guess I just want to know, that's all.

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Totally understand the feeling, sometimes need to find place to stash the cash...

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That's a great way to look at money. I could go to Vietnam and also be a millionaire. Watch out, here I come!


I have learnt to not calculate them prices while in other countries... especially when in Australia or Singapore, because you won't be able to spend after doing the maths! Guess it doesn't apply in Vietnam then 😂

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In some countries I usually don't but in Vietnam, I learn too since the currency is so big

How much USD is 5 million VND actually worth? I get a kick out of the countries with such high currency amounts. If I had 5 million USD, I'd be wealthy. I'm guessing if it's common to walk around with 5 million VND, then it can't be worth a lot. How much buying power does it have?

Averagely a bowl of noodles is like USD4 but if its super high class restaurant maybe about USD 10.

Lifestyle here isn't that expensive. It all depends on where one chooses to eat.

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