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For https://steemit.com/freewrite/@mariannewest/day-326-5-minute-freewrite-monday-prompt-dirty-feet
It's hard to tell, with dirty feet, if there's a shard of glass. Ouch, the pain would tell someone, but what if you're looking at a suspended dirty foot that hasn't been stood on yet today?


You can't. And even if it were a clean foot, you wouldn't necessarily be able to tell. These things can be difficult to figure out. You spend a lot of time examining the foot. That's glitter, that's a shard of metal, but not glass. Only glass is dangerous Shards of metal are good for the foot. More of those vitamins and minerals. Essential.


Look at @loch's feet. They're dirty. His feet are very dirty... We should probably clean more. But we do clean more. More than anyone could know, considering how dirty it always is. We just are very dirty people. The dirt comes from inside us. We can't help ourselves. We love dirt. There's an old Irish saying, "If the dirt came from outside, it's soil, but if it came from you, you're a clod." No. The Irish wouldn't have said that. They aren't afraid of dirty people. dirty dirty. I say it in my head with a bit of an accent, and it's a sight lovelier that way.

A bit like a pirate parrot. A bit like a wee bairn.

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