You walk through a door - what do you see? (Freewrite)

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In front of me, it was a door. I opened the door and I saw another tiny door, transparent, almost looked like it was made of water. I turned back to see, the previous door had become so gigantic. It took me few seconds before the truth dawned on me that I had just shrunk.


I stretched forth my hand to touch the crystal door in front and my hands easily passed through. Without a second thought, I walked through the door. And then all of a sudden, the whole world turned red. Sloppy red. I was in a cubicle-like compartment of something I did not know what.

I saw a little girl crying and I boldly approached her. Little did I know, she seemed familiar to me. Once I placed my hand upon her shoulder, I saw scenes of memories of the girl right at my eyes, as though there was a TV screen upfront.

She was bullied and no one came to her rescue. She sobbed.

She was raped by her nanny's husband and she was threatened to shut her mouth.

She was locked in a room by her parents because she did not perform well in her exam.

She was cheated by her boyfriend and her other friends remarked her as unlucky dude.

She jumped off building, attempted commit suicide, but she was safe.

Then, I hugged her tight. As tight as I could and told her, "Hey girl, you are deeply loved. Your life is precious. Your past is a past. The old has gone and the new has come. Forgive those who had hurt you and set yourself free. You are deeply loved by Papa in heaven. You are a gem in the making. You are forgiven too, now you are as clean and white as snow."

Then I woke up. I looked around and realised I was at the hospital. Doctors came and asked me whether had I started to recall my name? They told me I committed suicide and I lost my memory.

"Yes, I remember my name. I am Yuki."

Out of a sudden, I felt the world is brand new. I felt so light and free as though I was ready to brace the world anew. Thank You, Jesus.

P/S: Took extra 2 minutes for this freewrite. FYI, this is a fiction story based on my experience as a pastor ministering to young girls last time.




If you do not know what freewrite is, it is a plan by @mariannewest and @improv to just free flow write out our thoughts, where there is no fear of whether what we write is good or not. Just relax and have fun and write in that 5-minutes-time. Here is the introductory post. Come on, you can start joining and have fun too! ☺ And now we have @freewritehouse, yay! Have a visit and you will not regret it!

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Superb freewrite, it's an emotional story that makes you stop and think. Cleverly done, I like the twist at the end.

#thealliance #witness

Thank you @c0ff33a for dropping by. Sorry for delayed reply due to busyness. I am honored to have you read my freewrite. Glad you like it :)

very interesting story

Thank you so much @sopian12 for dropping by :)

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A sad yet touching story - thank you.

Thank you @lizziesworld for supporting. :)

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Great story. Enjoy your weekend.

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Thank you @wstanley226 :)

This is beautiful!

Thank you @alimamasstory :)

Always a great write from you. Sometimes, we need self -reconciliation the most. You did a great job in her self-acceptance and forgiveness :)

Thank you so kuch for always thoughtful comment from you. If there is a competition for the best comment, I will nominate you :)

very beautiful story my friend, you have awesome writing skill. love your article.

Still improving. I am learning from others. I enjoyed others writing more than my own. Haha. :) Thank you @ykdesign for dropping by.

Great writeup. The whole message behind the story was beautiful. Also there are a lot of interpretation one can make from the way you described the whole door thing and scenario inside the room. The colors that described the doors held a meaning.

What a beautiful thoughtful comment from me, made me want to write even better next time. Thank you so much @illusions16 :)

Touching. You have talent my dear 😊

Thank you so much @starjewel :)

That was a good read a little dark but some light at the end. Good work you are doing.

Thank you @stever82 for compliment. And also fro dropping by :)

That goes right to the core - and your life as a pastor must have been hard if that is what you had to help the girls to come to terms with...

Thank you @mariannewest for good words. That was the job a pastor. To lead them to restoration and healing. Those were the days.. Busy days.. But now I am focusing on my son 1st :)

Well done. A moving story that gives more than just what you can read on the page.

Thank you so much. Glad you like it :)

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