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Before the primary school started, we parents were busy figuring out and getting familiar with all the new laws. No more examination for students age 7 to 9, examinations will only be commenced when they reach Standard 4, we can wear black shoes and black socks now, and the weight of the student's bag must not exceed 15% of the student's weight.

We had some discussion in Parents' Support Group page and many voiced out their disagreement on the elimination of examination. Some feared that the teachers would be lazy and no longer teach their whole hearts out. Some feared that their children will be lazy bum, not willing to do homework and not willing to study.

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But what was fixed, could not be changed. New laws are laws, we have to abide.

The reason given to us is to cut down unnecessary mental health problem on the young children. We were told, overall, our nation faces one major problem. Suicide cases happened more often on younger and younger people. As young as 13 years. And the reason of suicide — the student was over-stressed over bad result in papers, and she or he didn't get the grade A.

It is sad to know that parents are the one putting pressure on the children. Indirectly, remarks were made if their children didn't get A. Or parents got into the comparison mode, for example, "how come your best friend Susie can get A, but you get B?".

I have no comment except I hope everyone plays our role properly. Parents — nurture your children in ways you should, with love and understanding and knowing each child is different. Teachers — have fun learning environment without being bias on student who performs poorly in their papers. Some children are just not meant for paper examination but they are super good with anything to do with sports or singing etc. Children — to continue to have joy in learning as leaning is a part of life.

I agree that the education system in our country has alot to improve. We shall see what happen in the next few years.




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Exams are necessary to measure the child's progress..that's what I believe....and that's true, parents lol after the child and leaving everything on school for the timely progress.

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I agree with you on this point too. Sorry for late response due to husband not well and then hospital admission because of dengue fever, @steemflow.

We shall see after the ban of exam, how will be the progress of the children and parents :)

Do not be sorry @iamjadeline ...just take care...i belive papaya juices are very efdective in gaining the blood platlets during dengue....atleast that what we do and it always work...try in case the platlet is falling

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Exams are necessary to measure the child's progress..that's what I believe....and that's true, parents looks after the child and leaving everything on school for the timely progress.

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Thank you for dropping by @steemflow😊

Laws on the color of socks and shoes seem just a bit over the top. Why had black shoes and socks been banned to begin with?
You say there is nothing you can do, do you have free elections in your country?

Hi @sultnpapper, sorry for the delayed response as my husband was not well and then hospital admission hence I didn't see this. Black shoes and black socks was not banned as it had always been white shoes and white socks. With the current black color being introduced, it became an extra discussion among the parents group.

But mostly focus on the ban of exam. Parents not quite agree. We have election but it is for election of the government. But so much so on how they should run things. We can only hope with the ban of exam, it actually brings out the good instead of the bad. We will see how it is after some time. We are so used to be exam-driven-people (which is not good in a way) so we hope without exam we will still be equally motivated to educate our kids the same way.

Thank you for being here @sultnpapper.:)

I hope everything is well now with your husband. If it has always been white socks and shoes what would have happened in the past if a child wore black shoes and socks to school?
Teachers in the US have gotten to were they teach for what is on the exams which takes away from trying to develop creativity. So exams are a double edge sword in my opinion.

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Same here... No exam doesn't mean no learning happen... As long as we spend time with our little ones, we will know whether they have learnt in school or not. Sometimes it doesn't have to be academic... The attitude is more important... With the right attitude, the results will follow...

Thank you for freewriting with us! Here's the prompt:- Day 441: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: list.

Thanks again! With love and hugs.


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