"True Love" an original fictional story for the 5 minute #freewrite challenge

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Thank you @mariannewest for another fabulous #freewrite challenge, today's prompt is round is a sunset

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It was beautiful. Standing here, again, after all these years.

Gail looked at Stuart. They had changed, of course. Stuart had less hair and more of a paunch. And the laughter lines were more pronounced.

And as for her, she shuddered. She still wasn't sure what it was he saw in her.

He smiled and leaned in for a kiss. The sweet familiar smell of aftershave mixed with the gin and tonic he was holding. The light reflected off the glass.

She looked up. The sun was dipping down behind the mountains, sending up beautiful shades of red and orange into the clouds that hugged the horizon.

If she had been told fifty years ago, that they would be back here in the very spot he had proposed... would she believe it?

She thought she would have.

She had always loved Stuart, and she knew, as the sun through shadows around them, that she always would...


Current Serialised Ghost Story: “Haunted”

A family move into a big old house. The house has history. The family have history. Spooky stuff happens.


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Some big news for me! One of my steemit stories (Reunion - told in 8 parts last month) has been selected to appear in the Isle of Write Anthology (see this post https://steemit.com/writing/@isleofwrite/isle-of-write-curation-to-publication-update). I am so excited to be a part of this. Please pay them a visit and check out the other stories that have been selected too. You too can be curated: so read the post and find out how!

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Great freewrite! I'm sure he always thought she was beautiful!

Absolutely! :)

Very original and nice post!

Thank you! :)

She would always be beautiful in his eyes and he would always be her knight in shining armour. Nice story.

Thank you!

How beautiful and touching.

It is easy for me to write, 'cos I am lucky to be with my soul mate (been living with my wife for 27 years, this year). :)

Congrats! That's so sweet!

Well congrats to you both, and may you have many years to come.

Dig it 100%!!!

Thank you! :)

Very sweet story.

Thank you! :)

Great story! Followed and upvoted:D

" I am a newbie and I write poetry and stuff in English. It would really mean a lot to me if you visit my blog and read or leave some upvote. Thank you and god bless :)"