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Thank you @mariannewest for another fabulous #freewrite challenge, today's prompt is tears

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She was crying again. The tears, not being made of salt water like you and I, of course, hurt as they tore their way out of her tear ducts, and I wondered if this made her cry all the more. The dry diamond dust tears were collected by the special dust collector that was attached to her face. The man sitting beside her nodded happily as she wept, and proded her with a sharp stick everytime he thought she might stop. I knew from experience that this process would last for an hour or so, and then they would unhook her from the tear collection unit and go fetch another one from the pit. She would be allowed to rest, to build up more of the precious tear material before being tortured and ridiculed into crying once more. I forced myself to watch. It was the least I could do, I thought. To witness the cruelty of my species. To record it with my own eyes and to transmit it to the rest of humanity. This is what we are doing! I would yell. Do you care? And then I would listen for a response, and be disappointed that no, resources are always more important to us than basic kindness and goodness.

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This reminded me of the fairytale where the good daughter is "blessed" by having jewels fall out of her mouth every time she speaks, but it doesn't sound fun to have that happen for the rest of your life. I also thought it made the prince who marries her a little suspect. Like sure, you just happen to fall in love with someone who can make you infinitely rich, three minutes after you met her in the woods? Seems legit.


LOL! That one rings a bell, but not a fairy tale I'm overly familiar with. Most fairy tales walk on extremely dodgy moral ice when viewed from today's perspective!

Sounds more like a fantasy something to me, the elf's kind of a story. The rate at which mankind now hunt or mine for resources it's at the expense of goodness and kindness.



I fell asleep during my comment. If they could get gold, silver, or precious gems out of my arse, they could bend me over and start digging. As long as I got half...

Sounds more like a fantasy story,