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Here are three #freewrite stories I wrote for @mariannewest's freewrite challenge. I published them - in written form - on Weku whilst steemit was well and truly forked. So I thought I would do a reading for steemit. I tried to upload the video to d.tube three times but it has failed to publish it to steemit with an unknown error three times. Does anyone know if @dtube has forking problems?

Here is the text and links to the stories:

"The Break" a five minute freewrite for @freewritehouse daily prompt day 1: https://deals.weku.io/community-deals/@felt.buzz/the-break-a-five-minute-freewrite-for-freewritehouse-daily-prompt-day-1

She smiled and took the drink from him.

"Thank you," she said. She took a sip and nodded. "Just what I needed." He took a deep pull of his beer and relaxed into the chair.

"You had a bad day too?" he asked.

"So so," she said. "I've had worse. You look like you needed that."

He nodded.

"Not so much of a bad day, more of a terrible month."

She took another sip, and then - watching his face closely - said, "Marriage problems?" She smiled at his awkwardness, his realisation that she knew he was married, despite wearing no ring: the mark was clearly visible on his finger.

"Errr," he said, flustered. "We're on a break."

She laughed.

"Her choice, or yours?"

"Hers," he said.

"But presumably you deserved it. I imagine it isn't the first time you've tried to pick up a pretty woman in a bar."

He looked at her.

"It is, actually," he said.

She believed him, she realised. He was too nervous to be a player, despite his good looks.

"Why don't you tell me all about it," she said. "I'm a good listener..."


"Stick!" a five minute freewrite for the @freewritehouse challenge day 2: https://deals.weku.io/community-deals/@felt.buzz/stick-a-five-minute-freewrite-for-the-freewritehouse-challenge-day-2


"What now, dear! Can't you see I'm busy? The bloody washing machine is broken, again. Your father said he'd fix it, but did he? Did he fu-"



"Can you get your head out of the washing machine drum and help me!"

"Can it not just wait a minute? I think I've found that sock you lost last Christmas... oh, hang on. No. It was just a big lump of fluff. Where does it all come from?"

"Mum! Shelley hit me!"

"Oh Manny! I've told you you need to stick up for yourself! And not be such a tale tale!"

"But Mum! Shelley hit me with a stick!"

"Shelley shouldn't have hit you with a stick, hold on... oh my God! Where's all that blood come from?"

"Shelley hit me in the eye with the stick, Mum! With the pointy end!"

"Oh God! Oh God! No, don't cry! Don't panic! I'm sure it looks worse than it is! Shelley! Get your arse in here!"

"Mum! I can't see when I close my other eye!"

"That's because you've got your hand over the bad eye, Manny. Oh my God! Shelley! Is that Manny's eye on the end of that stick?!!!"


"worms!" a five minute freewrite for the @freewritehouse daily freewrite challenge: https://deals.weku.io/community-deals/@felt.buzz/worms-a-five-minute-freewrite-for-the-freewritehouse-daily-freewrite-challenge

"What the fuck are they?" Meryl asked stepping back and putting her hand to her mouth. Rob tried a reassuring smile, worried that she might be sick.

"They're meal worms," he said. "I created them myself."

"Meal worms?" Meryl asked, stepping forward again and looking into the tank at the writhing beasts. "Aren't meal worms tiny things? These look like snakes!"

Rob laughed.

"I call them meal worms," he said. "Because these little beauties will produce a meal for you."

Meyrl looked a little bit puzzled.

"What?" she said.

"Hold on," Rob went over to the desk and picked up a bottle. He unscrewed the lid and went over to the tank."Come here," he said. Meryl did as requested. "Now," Rob said. "Just sprinkle a bit of the feeding powder onto the meal worms and tell them what your favourite meal is."

Meryl laughed.

"Okay," she said, taking the bottle and shaking the powder gently over the tank. "Curried sprouts!" she said. The worms seemed agitated as the powder covered them. And then there was a strange farting noise, and the aroma of curried sprouts reached Meryl's nostrils, and little sprouts started popping out of the worms arses.

"Fuck me!" Meryl said.


Hope you enjoyed them. Normal service hopefully will be resumed shortly...

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Hello @felt.buzz, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!


Thank you! :)

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I legit loled when the worms farted out curried sprouts.


That's put a smile on my face! Thanks :)

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