Got Wood? (5 Minute Freewrite: Erotica)

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Erotica: Reader Discretion Advised

Today’s prompt is “wood,” which of course makes me think of middle school and boys talking about ‘getting wood’ or ‘woodies’ and then we’d all giggle and laugh about the silly boys.

I gotta say, though, at this point in life, I think of the feel of your erection in your jeans. When we’re out in public and you know I’m not wearing anything under my nice flowing skirt. I’ll ‘accidentally’ rub against you in the checkout line or bend over so you almost see what I have to offer you while we’re walking in the park. Maybe I’ll whisper something in your ear with a bit of a nibble on your neck, licking towards your ear and letting you know what I’d rather have in my mouth.

Then I get rewarded with the feel of your cock pressing hard against the seam of your jeans. I can almost feel the heat of you through the layers of denim and it almost seems like you’re straining to get closer to me. I love to tease you when I know we can’t do much about it, because I know that as soon as we’re alone, you’ll pay me back and then some.

In the back row of the movies, I’ll run my hand up your thigh until I nearly reach my reward and then slip my hand back to your knee. It wouldn’t do to make a scene right here, now would it?

You groan and reach over, planting a kiss on me that is so full of promise that I’m ready to leave the theater right there. Then before I realize it, you’re on your knees in front of me, your head under my skirt and I’m gasping in shock and then with pleasure.

I look around the theater that is nearly empty. The only people several rows ahead of us. The movie plays, unnoticed as you bring me to the edge then suddenly sit back in your seat, a big smile on your face. I thought I was the only one who liked to tease, but you’ve taken it to the next level.

“You want to skip the movie?” You ask in a breathless whisper and I can smell myself on you. Without another word, I grab your hand and we nearly run out to our car in the dark, half empty parking lot where we can finish what we’ve been trying to get started all day. Hot, fast and so much more satisfying than whatever happened in that movie we missed.

Day #38 of the @freewritehouse selfie challenge!


Photos are mine.

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I wonder how much that happens in movie theaters. It certainly makes it into a lot of stories LOL

Well in my experience it's happened a few times already, so probably a LOT.


I decided you needed a "sexy warning." Anyway, you got me again and so early in the day. Thanks! Let's see what you can do with this prompt:

Hey! I did write "Reader Discretion Advised" when I posted the link!!! Thanks for the graphic, though. That looks MUCH cooler than just writing it out.

@eroticabian I thought you might like the image too. I love your writing.

aaaaaaaaaand now I'm sitting here thinking about my favourite cock, and indeed - oh, it's such a delight to feel it underneath pants. Straining against the zipper seam, begging to be enjoyed.