Day 439: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: warm water bottle / 暖水壶

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It's been crazy these few weeks... Yup, from 2018 till starting of 2019... Really a great challenge every single day... Time is never enough for me to juggle among work, family and Steem... This is not a ranting post... Nope... This is freewrite and freewrite is all about letting our mind run free... This is what it is all about... Never did I expect I would be freewriting for almost a year now... From my first ever "shoe" prompt till today "warm water bottle"... Freewrite helps me think and get my mind straight.

Wow, it turns out to be a THANK YOU post... I never could have thank @mariannewest enough for starting this super cool freewriting challenge and then believe in me more than I believe in myself at the beginning... So THANK YOU!

OK, let's continue to the prompt today "warm water bottle". I know that our body temperature is about 37.2 degrees... So drinking warm water or room temperature water is actually better for our health... And I always try to drink warm water and less ice cold drinks... Well, sometimes because of the hot weather here in Malaysia, I do take cold icy drinks.

I have this cute warm water bottle. It's a free gift from a 3-in-1 coffee... I usually bring this warm water bottle of coffee to work. It does a great job of keeping my drink warm (hot if I don't open it up very often).

That's five minutes from me today. If you have yet to start your freewrite, try it out. Check out @mariannewest blog for the daily prompt.







Thank you for your love and support! 💖❤️💗💕♨️🐳 (1).gif

If you know nothing about this cool 5-Minute Freewrite Daily Challenge, you should check out @mariannewest's introduction post to this cool challenge by @mariannewest and @improv.

And as usual, I love to take this freewrite challenge together with the most dangerous writing app . Just set the timer for 5 minutes, and then just write. ALERT! Don't stop and think for more than 3 seconds! WHY? Coz if you stop typing for 3 seconds, all your words will vanish! YES, everything you have typed will be gone.

If you think you can't write, please STOP thinking. Just GO FOR IT! Maybe you can take a look at my first freewrite post. It's a disaster, everytime I read it, I ended up laughing. Freewrite is about having FUN too! So writer or not, (I know I am not really a professional writer), we all can have FUN coming up with creative little ideas and thoughts with this Freewrite daily prompt! What are you waiting for? Go WRITE your first freewrite NOW! Have FUN!

Image credits to @littlenewthings, @sireh and @skyleap

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