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What we endure least, what we tolerate least and what we accept least, is what really makes us learn. The mistake is a success when we learn from it. Society and even from family formation, is imposed on us the prohibition of a natural fact such as making the mistake.

Hence we do not accept it and interpret it as a fault or an affront. In a better educated society, we would see error as something necessary, like breathing, feeling, or crying. There is an anecdote in my life as a student that faithfully proves that error is the best way to learn. When I studied and presented an exam or test, there were questions that I could not because of course I did not know the answer, but when I left class; It happened to books and I was looking for the answer to what I could not answer and that answer never and never forget it.

In such a way that that word that has been stigmatized is the one that exalts us and I say to all who will read these lines. Be happy to err, because it is human, and above all because you know that you have learned from error. There are inexcusable mistakes, let's not be part of it, but the mistakes that we naturally make in our desire to do well.

This post is to participate in the challenge @mariannewest called freewrite 5 minutes of free writing, if you want to join follow this link

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Hola amigo, ¿cómo estás?

Excelente publicación.

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