5 Minute Freewrite Day 471: Queen of Hearts

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Beauty is a dangerous thing, not inherently evil, but with the power to subjugate will and make anyone smile no matter how fast one is falling into the abyss.

I appreciated beauty for the same reason I studied it, it was abstract, and I wanted to understand why people felt what they felt, why a body or a smile could make some crazy and another not. But how can I get its meaning if no person or object had captured me?, I didn’t know, and my research was put on hold until one afternoon, under the tree I always used as my reading spot, Charlotte Aulein came before my eyes, with all the glory and radiance that won her the nickname “High Muse of Lyss”.

In her eyes I must have looked far more stupid that my test scores suggested, because for an eternal second I just stared at her fine delicate nose, her rosy cheeks, and the ruby lips that contrasted with the blue tone of her hair. I was staring at an abyss of royal blue skies, and got lost in her eyes before she called me for the hundredth time.

She liked to play, and she was good at it, so good in fact that no matter how many hearts were broken because of her, she wasn’t considered an evil witch, but rather the Queen of Hearts that saved the lives of many by giving them a reason to keep going on despite the pain. And I was the new servant of her sapphire kingdom.

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That is absolutely beautiful!! Your prose is like poetry. Hope you are going to read this one as well!!


Well, considering that there is no time restriction when choosing what to read, I may as well read this, I just have to either practice my english pronunciation (far worse than I thought once I heard my recorded voice) or translate it into spanish, which is always a delicate work if I want to keep the metaphores and the word's flow.


Don't worry about your accent. Mine is very strong and I used to be embarrassed about it. But guess what -now, I have a podcast and every episode has thousands of listeners. :) Go for it, accent and all. I find it helps me to read the piece out loud at least one time before recording. Or you can record a few takes and then, use the one you like best...

Loved it :)
Better to have loved and lost than .....
Well here comes another prompt for you to work your magic on


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"...than never to have loved"?, the experience always help us in some way.

Bravo! I love this one! What a nickname and you the servant of her sapphire kingdom!


Since she (Charlotte) came to inspire me in a dream, she deserved to doubly be a Muse. "High" because of in-story reaons and her oniric origins, and "Lyss" from a flower with very mystic meaning, which also relates to what I have planned for the character. The sapphire kingdom is beauty incarnate, with its heavens and its hells.


Spectacular that she came in a dream and what splendid places you describe~

Beautiful! Resteemed

Interesting point of view you gave it

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It was either that, or a parody of Alice In Wonderland's Red Queen. And I'm no good with comedy.

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