Day 5 Prompt : Swing - 200 day selfie freewrite contest prize 25sbd and a chance to win sbi

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When I saw this prompt: Swing, the immediate response from my mind is the childhood day in the playground where a couple of swings are installed. I still remember I was too scared to climb onto the swing seat as I was very young. It was my sister who carried me up the swing seat but it was move about and not stable.

In those days, my sister will pull and let go the swing to swing freely. It all started with a low or light pull or push, but I was still too scared to be swing about. But after several rounds of swings, I asked my sister to pull or push higher so that I can swing even higher.

After I have started to grow up, I can do the swing myself and swing it aggressively high and fast. That is because I have gained confidence.

Yes, just like doing steemit, you will not feel comfortable when you just started with steemit. All you have in your mind is a lot of question and also uncertainty. After you asked around and conform yourself to what you heard about steemit, then you start to try a little more into steemit until you fully feel comfortable and gained confidence.

This also happened to me in Steemit, But I got over it very soon as I told my self, what do I have to lose if I get involved in steemit? Afterall, it cost me nothing to register with steemit. The worst could happen is I have spent the time to write the blog. But that is not really sometimes I lose because it does not really matter I spend the time to write a blog. If I don't write in Steemit, I stall spend the time to do the same on other social platforms like Facebook.

Similar to your initial stage in the swing, you have to give your self a chance to try and experience it. Merely listen to others who failed in steemit will not give you a chance to try and succeed.

Well, even though this is only a simple swing, it actually carried many experiences that we can emulate in our daily life.

This freewrite selfie contest is posted in conjunction with the 200 days 5 minutes freewrite contest organized by @freewritehouse and @marriannewest

Post was written by @digitalmind


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I like the way you linked your experience on the swing to that of your experience here. Indeed there is nothing to lose to be on Steemit. We swing by here to steem on.


Glad you agree with my analogy. sure there is nothing to lose if your objective is to network or write for fun. Those who come for income is a different ball game, don't you think so?