20 Prompt:Hair - 200 day selfie 5 minutes Freewrite contest

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My Hair, Is it true that your hair will change color with age?

  • Hair is black and the sky is blue
  • Why bother to cut your hair while it starts to grow
  • Hair is there to protect your skull from sunlight heat
  • But your hair gets dusty and ugly when you don't pay attention to it
  • Why keep your hair then since it trouble you is true
  • Just spend 10 minutes to give a nice cut through
  • You will be surprised to get a new look on your hair
  • I know you still admire those with a blonde hair
  • Of all, you know you are not belong to the blonde color
  • Then you change your mind to pick a different color
  • The younger group look at your hair one kind
  • It is because the color doesn't go well with your kind
  • You start to get moody with your hair
  • And rush to the bathroom to wash your hair
  • But the color you have dyed remain there
  • You rush to the saloon and wanted to return your hair color there
  • Again you are still not happy with your hair
  • Don't cry when your hair starts to drop until no hair
  • One day you may become a man of no hair
  • By then you will look for treatment to regrow your hair
  • Value and be kind of what you already have
  • It is only natural that you live with what you have

This is my first attempt to write this 5 minutes freewrite to describe hair
I don't call it a poetry because I don't think it is but it sounds quite nice to read through.

What do you think?

This post is written by @DigitalMind

This freewrite selfie contest is posted in conjunction with the 200 days 5 minutes freewrite contest organized by @freewritehouse and @mariannewest


  • poetry is made up by @digitalmind and it is meant for sharing.
  • This post was written and photo taken by @digitalMnd with Asus built-in app


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Nice job, @digitalmind this is so truthful. Keep writing. 👍👍


Thanks bro for dropping by
I look forward for your post too

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