Rot: R-O-T

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That's what they said would happen to my brain if I kept reading that kinda shit. People kept telling me that manuals were the best to read because they would tell you something useful to do. I never quite bought in to that because everything I tried to actually, you know, do didn't work - when it it was really busted bad it made things worse. Like, there was that time when... okay another story for another day. Other people said I should read books about other famous peop[e. I tried that for awhile, but I tried sculpting and painting and even running a country, but it was not useful to anyone...and the cops did not think it was funny at all and my school principle just looked mostly scared. So I went back to reading philosophy books and old MAD Magazines and Calvin & Hobbs collections.
My thoughts don't have to be useful to be of use to me.

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Did you do the same thing in school? If you didn’t like the assignment you made up your own?
Perhaps the school principal was not scared but utterly confused;)
And without further ado I deliver to you the prompt for today:

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