Entry for Day 683: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: gas leak

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Thank you to @mariannewest for this challenge:

Hi everyone,

A gas leak would be terrifying. I think even switching on a light can cause an explosion if there is a gas leak.

Sometimes a gas leak can be smelt when walking past road works which is a bit frightening. I guess the gas disperses in the air as it doesn't explode or maybe there's no spark outside.

This is a hard prompt to write about. I hope none of us have a gas leak.

Thank you for reading my post.

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A gas leak is very bad. Thank you for an interesting post and congratulations on new achievements!

Thank you :)

You had me at that frightening photograph ... that nearly happened to my church ... someone hadn't tightened a gasket after doing some work outside the church, and at the same time the hot water heater was malfunctioning, getting hotter and hotter while gas was floating around it. The electric heater didn't have a pilot, thank God, but the externals could have gotten up to 120 Fahrenheit. Gas ignites around 112, if memory serves! Any kind of spark -- a short in a light switch, for example -- would have been enough! Thank God that picture is not what happened to my church -- the deacons called the utility company and they got right out to help us!

Thank goodness everyone stayed safe.

I thought about it going another way ... a big rescue ... but, simplicity for something like this is best ...

Not much gas around these parts. I don’t think we’ve had gas in the house since I was a kid.
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