Prompt Of The Day “Sequence” - Math The Language Of Life

in freewrite •  23 days ago

Sequence, a particular order to which things happen.

We are born, we age, we expire.

The sun rises, the sun traverses overhead, the sun sets.

Plants sprout, plants grow, plants wither.

Water evaporates, water vapour condenses, water falls.

I eat, I digest, I @d00k13

Sequence is the binding aspect of life. Everything works within some realm of sequence.

Sequences are easiest to describe with math, would that not make math the language of life?

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Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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Mission accomplished 💪
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Thank you for being the first to notice bro! 💪 Perfect timing for a New Years celebration

Happy New Year 🥳

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I eat, I digest, I dookie? hahahaha
Thank you for sharing that sequence hahaha


It’s my favourite too 😅

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@d00k13.....i read your early freewrites and all of your work is a sheer MASTERPIECE!!!

And regarding the topic,


Wishing you a very Happy New Year (in advance)!


True that they will never change, thank you for the support my friend 💪 much appreciated 😊

Wishing you a Happy New Year also my friend 🥳 lol that emoji has made it to the top of my list 🥳

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I thought sequence were the things on my dress I am going to wear tonight 🤣

Happy New Year Dooks!


That is sequins not sequence 🤣 you gonna be a shiny lady tonight hey?

Happy New Year to you and Ava 🥳

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Speaking as an accountant - everything is math, but most people have no idea :)


The scary thing about math, it’s not our creation but only our interpretation of the language the universe is coded in as base values like binary on and off. Right down to quarks and the smallest possible measure of our reality we can perceive we find a language best described with the numbers we have created to signify that language.

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Dunka 💪

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