💙 "The Fallen Court" (Original Poem) 💙

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Tears roll down my seared face.
Falling like ribbons on white flesh.
Among crystal prisms turned to stone.
I scream out in agony and bitterness.
My skin crackles like frozen ice.
While hot fire burns to the bone.
The foul night air strangles my breath.
I am so ashamed to hide in the shadows.
This deranged sanctuary of decay and ruin.
Malignant spirits whisper dark ideas.
To be free...I must carve the blackness out.
Wild eyes search for one last refuge.
But the frowning moon refuses to listen.
I look to the horizon and wait for the dawn.
Pleading and praying with the ancient ones.
I seek only an end to my constant anguish.

My heart leaps when the everlasting answer.
The exquisite monoliths begin to sing.
A sound so clean and pure...it slices the air.
Dark energy dissolves in metallic waves.
Fresh morning dew washes away all fear.
My heart fills up with hope and healing.
I can once more embrace the sunlight.
Tears of joy flow freely down my face.
They glisten and laugh like fresh spring water.
From the mists of our forgotten past.
I hear faint chanting...rhythmic and alluring.
Voices that come from some great distance.
Dancing bells of crystal that promise peace.
They have come for me...to end my pain.
I will join them in the fallen court.
Forgive me...but the way is clear.
Across the veil and into the abyss.
One journey leads towards another.


Original poetry written by @creativesoul...copyright protected.
Please do not take this poem without my permission.



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Very powerful and emotive. I can feel the pain and anguish. Well written.

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