Aha, now I see that she didn't use the #freewrite tag. At IOW, not using the group tag would disqualify writers from being listed in the weekly roundup. @mariannewest, do you think writers should be required to use #freewrite to be included in Friday Favorites or to get listed in the Prompt post?
Her tags: microfiction flashfiction #powerhousecreatives humanizesteem qurator

Sorry for all the questions @mariannewest. She does write at the start of her post:

This is a microfiction story with a 250 word limit and the prompt of "window".

It is written for @jayna's microfiction contest. If you'd like to try this yourself and enter her contest, here is the link to her post. Even if you aren't planning on entering the contest, head over to her post anyway. Each contestant posts a link to their entry in the comments of that post, and you will find some very fascinating microfiction stories for your reading pleasure!

If she put the link under the prompt, I say go for it. We are super inclusive 😀👍

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Um, I'm the one who saw Prompt: Window, and posted the link to her freewrite in the comments section of this post. It took me a while to notice the missing #freewrite hashtag. (Last year, this was a source of stress for those who said it matters.) I'm just trying to stay out of trouble. Every year older I get, it gets that much harder! Off now to find me some more trouble

Let’s say that we like people to use the tag and it is probably best to pick from posts that have linked to the prompt. But you know how we roll. If you like it to be included, go for it. If you think it best to only include posts with the tag, that is fine too. This particular one might not have been a freewrite but a carefully crafted piece. We don’t know... Much love to you!

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"Our Lady is not a bureaucrat" - as Catholics have said of Mary, we can say of @mariannewest. I love you and your laid-back, go-with-the-flow spirit, Marianne! @blueeyes8960 apparently wrote Heart's Desire on May 20 in response to the Window prompt. She posted it the same day. She is a member of freewrite's Beta Readers group. While her post doesn't mention @freewritehouse, she does link to Jayna's weekly Micro-Fiction Contest, where Jayna writes,

We collaborate with the #freewrite community and @FreeWriteHouse to give writers an opportunity to polish those freewrite fiction pieces and re-post the refined version. A thank you to @mariannewest for helping to spread the word!

This story was written and polished in one day. Is it any less of a freewrite if we don't get to see the first draft? What is this WAS a first draft? If so, I'll be feeling like Salieri in the shadow of Mozart. :)

I have had so much fun following this conversation! Well we have succeeded in getting some buzz around our connected initiatives, @mariannewest! High five! I think it’s awesome that you linked @blueeyes8960’s story, @carolkean. It certainly launched an interesting discussion!

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Wow, I appreciate you adding my link here and how much you liked and supported my story! But when I did the post for @jayna's 250 word contest, I didn't follow the 5 minute rule for a freewrite. I concentrated on the 250 word limit rather than the time limit. So I don't think it would qualify (plus not using the freewrite tag). So thank you and @mariannewest for this conversation and deliberation! Next time, I'll do the freewrite FIRST, then polish it up for @jayna's contest as she suggests! It just feels kind of funny to make a post, then use the same content in another post. But it would be a different story I guess, after "polishing up". Thank you both again!

You are as scrupulous as you are talented, and I'm wincing here and slinking way thinking I'm a cheat, but then, I freely admit to never getting anything much down in five minutes. Nothing I'd publish. My son recommends publishing the honest, unvarnished five-minute drivel, then linking to a second post showing how I've expanded and revised. You-Tubers and Steemians know the value of serializing our work. More chances to get visitors, upvotes, comments, and so on. Me, I like to keep it all in one place. I hope you know that I'm not the only writer posting more than 5 minutes of output in response to the prompts. @mariannewest, maybe we need to add a disclaimer to the daily prompt posts, encouraging people to post even if they believe they "cheated" or "disqualified" themselves by taking more than 5 minutes?

@carolkean Don't worry, I did the same thing in the beginning. I felt like it needed to be a complete wonderful story, but now I actually use the timer and will only finish the sentence after the timer goes off. I like to do this because it FORCES me to just let the words flow and I think it has helped me to become a better writer. Now I do contemplate the prompt before I start the timer, so I have an idea of the direction of the story. Have you tried the 3 prompt weekend freewrite? That's my favorite one of all, and I can't seem to get to it most of the time. I bookmark the page for the beginning prompt and before I know it, the week is gone and I haven't gotten it written. 😭 Soo many irons in the fire and almost all of them in STEEM!

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