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      We'd met in the pet store. His excited black lab had been pulling him hard down the aisle towards me and he'd called out, "Do you like dogs?" Then the overly friendly mass of black fur slammed into my legs.

      I fell, dropping my containers of sparkly golden cat litter while trying to keep the dog's slimy tongue from going up my nose. The blonde man yelled at his pet to get off of me and held out his hand to help me up. I accepted, rubbing my sore ass absently before meeting his concerned hazel eyes. Eyes that moved down to my aching rump. My face flushed as I remembered that a lady didn't do that in public.

      Mr. Cutie moved his gaze back to mine. "I'm SO sorry! Are you alright? I usually have a tighter hold on his leash." Embarrassed, I nodded quietly. His lab circled around me, sniffing my legs before licking at the hem of my shorts. "Richter, STOP that!" He demanded, then smiled and tilted his head. "Again, sorry. He likes you. Let me make it up to you, please."

      I backed up, waving my hands in front of me and insisting that there wasn't any need. No harm was done. Mr. Cutie countered with a puppy dog expression that was mirrored by his dog, who'd finally stopped his slurping on my shorts.

      Shyly, I agreed and the man grinned broadly! "Great! How about I take Richter out back to the park and you can meet us there? We can get coffee." I opened my mouth to speak and he cut me off, "MY treat." He walked off, "My name's Tom, by the way."

      The two were waiting for me by a bench when I entered the park a few minutes later. Despite being outside with other dogs walking by, Richter stood by Tom, calmly watching me approach. At least that meant that I wouldn't be tackled again.

      Tom smiled at me, "I wasn't sure if you were really going to show up." He held out the black leash to me, "Mind keeping a hold on Richter while I grab our coffees?" Shrugging, I took the leash and sat down, admiring Tom's backside as it walked across the sidewalk to the tiny food cart with the yellow and blue umbrella.

      "Do you like sugar?" A voice asked.

      Surprised, I turned to look behind me. There wasn't anyone nearby.

      "Well, do you?" The deep voice asked again, closely.

      With nobody in sight I looked down at Tom's dog, to see him watching me, waiting.

      No way.... "Umm...yes." I answered, staring at Richter and feeling like an idiot. Someone was messing with me. It wasn't possible for...

      The black lab's mouth opened, "That's good!"

      "Okay." I grabbed his collar, looking for a speaker attached or something to explain the voice coming from the animal. Nothing. Another gander around the park proved that I was sitting alone with a talking dog. Maybe the heat was getting to me? "Why is that good?"

      Richter leaned forward, placing his head on my lap and sniffing his way to my crotch. My hands were pushing his face away when he answered, "Cause Tom always puts sugar in the coffee of the women he tells me to jump on."

      My hands stilled. Oh, really? With my fingers scratching the black lab's ears I looked to Tom as he handed money to the cart's vendor. "Interesting. Tell me more."

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