Day 5 - Freewrite prompt - Swing!

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Hey guys ,

So it's day 5 and today's exam was okay guys , thank you so much for praying for me . God bless you all so much. So here's my freewrite for today.


As I waited eagerly to get my change on the swing , I could see other kids were having fun , but I was too scared to even try. But something inside of me told me ,that without trying how can I know if it was something bad. So at last I tried , and I loved it ever since. There was this other time , when my sister was a tiny kid , maybe 2/3 years old . And she used to follow me around everywhere. And you know how it is with swings , I was on full swing , my sister was with Mom , so I was swinging high , soaring like an eagle , and suddenly out of nowhere she comes near me , like literally in front me. And I hit her , I couldn't stop the swing and I couldn't like dissappear . I felt so bad as it happened. I was unable to stop the swing. And ever since that , I feel like swinging , I always make sure I don't do much soaring , just having little fun . Too much could end up going in the wrong direction . No matter, how old I become , I don't ever want to loose my innocence and my childishness. I know that might not work always. But I would really like to try that. It's fun to try something new , every once in a while right. Look who is talking , I am like a person with OCD ,doing the same thing over and over. Like now it's 12:17 am and I'm doing this Freewrite as usual , the only difference is a different prompt. Not everything is same , no matter how monotonous life may seem. That one differencce could change your life forever. Don't forget to let your inner child out today , don't hold back anymore.

Goodnight my favorite people 💗💗💗💗💗💗

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Yes! Always let your inner child out! I'm sorry you hit your sister, I know how that feels!

Hehe yeah sis ❤️ .

It is important to retain our child like innocence. Accidents happen, I know your sister understands! Congratulations on your exam!

I still donno if I'm gonna get what mark...but I'm so glad you guys prayed for me.

I hope you make a high mark and achieve your heart's desire!