We are Free to choose our Energy

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There are only three kinds of energy here:


One is empowering, conscious and luminous.
In yoga philosophy we call it SATTVA. High vibration.Truth.

The other one is destructive, unconscious and dark. It is called TAMAS. Low vibration. Ignorance.

The one in between - RAJAS - is like a limbo place, not there and not here. Swinging in between.

Human population seems to be divided into these three categories, according to which energy - is their moving force in life.
Sattva. Tamas. or Rajas.

Sattva - Love. Stillness. Peace. Compassion. Presence. Connectedness. Taking care of your SELF and others. Growth. Creativity. Inspiration. PLANTBASED eating. Respect to mother Earth. Meditation. Community mindedness.
Heart consciousness!


Tamas - hatred, gossip, arguments, ego driven ideas, ignorance, SELF-destruction, laziness, indifference, consuming flesh of other sentient beings, cruelty and violence, disrespect and entitlement.
No Heart consciousness here.

Rajas is inconsistency.
Swinging between the two. One day - all sattva...the other one drowning in tamas.

We might not be free to do many things here......


We are free to choose the energy we wish to be a part of.


Health/Yoga Educator. Author. Dreamer of a better world for all.


Namaste 🙏

InLakesh Love. Delighted to connect @etka

hola, me gusta el tema, hace algún tiempo practico la meditación,creo que en la mente esta todo y aprender aliarnos con ella es lo mejor.

Thank you for stopping by. I dont know what that means :-) buy glad to connect.

Where would you classify energy outputted during let's say a fight between two martial artists? I mean - not a drunk street fight where you hate each other, but a real fight among 2 people who deeple respect each other and basically help each other in challenging yourself. One needs another to be able to achieve their goals....But they cause harm to each other...

It's weird cuz I'm going through this every day during jiu jitsu sparring and I have deep respect to all people there, but at the same time I'm doing my best to just cause them biig pain, sometimes minor injuries etc etc...

What do you think about energy in such room? How do you classify it?

What a beautiful question. Thank you @matkodurko. I also thought a lot about this. As someone who went through intense spiritual training I came to see that some of us choose pain as a tool of transformation. As you correctly put - "helping each other in challenging yourself.".. that gives it a tottaly different meaning, doesn't it? I admire these kind of warriors and feel that the whole world learns a lot from this kind of courage and integrity. So, how do we classify energy that is intended to support our growth, our inner strength and integrity? To me it sounds very sattvic. How do you feel about it? Thank you for such a good conversation.

Hahh I'm no expert in emotions, that's why I asked :) If you say sattvic, it's sattvic :D

As someone who's done just a little bit jits, I'd say it's all three because sparring is quite emotional, relating to what you said to challenging yourself. Perhaps you may feel ignorant when you tap, you feel and ARE defeated, not the best feeling in the world, haha TAMAS. Most of the time, I'd say is spent in RAJAS because most of time someone isn't tapping, generally speaking. It's the ongoing struggle of losing position then gaining position, a limbo state of conflict. Finally SATTVA could be when you submit somebody as you have been TRULY effective and the beauty of jits is that the person taps and he is not hurt(braincell wise at least ;]) so there is a sense of peace, growth, brotherliness and camaraderie in victory. @annasuvorova Awesome post, btw.

woww nice insight...why did u stop with jits?

A knee injury, not related to jits, though. I've recovered well, just want to be real careful before jumping back in. Yoga and nutrition are great ways to prevent injury, though and have been key to my knee recovery and just improving my health in general so for sure use those to improve your game ;)

Shit, I'm also currently out cuz of knee injury..also unrelated to jits...and yepp, yoga is big deal as an addition to bjj...helps with all that soreness and stuff :)

Crazy, well, I hope you recover soon and get on back to rolling, brother :)

Totally agree with that! Thanks for the reminder!

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dear @bitgeek. THANK YOU. Love it all.

excelente felicidades muy buena publicación

Nice post. I had the experience of having incredibly dark energies around and affecting my life during my highest energetic vibrations and practices in conciousness, do unto others etc. During that time I had spiritual gurus saying *karma or the law of attraction , its you refocus your energy. It wasn't. That theory is just like the bible theory of guilt, its you somehow you are born a sinner. When someone is at their lowest and truly doing their best, to hear that is incredibly depressing.

Then I meditated, reflected on the laws of logic, odds, the power of dark energies or black magic and that of light. The result was:

if 100 people conciously or unconciously wish you ill in some form and you are one person; good luck. You can picture hearts rainbows love and light all you want (*which most likely is what drew the dark to you to begin with: like flies to a light source) but your still going to have to battle those energies and it affects your space/energetic field.

Its not projecting negativity always that brings negatives. Vamperic energies exist and when we use the power of numbers and apply it: that its all your choice and therefore fault if things bring a vibration to its knees is counter productive to understanding "energies" and that all energetic "fields" are connected. This isn't a critique... Its just a conversation I hope people will begin to have more as we progress into a better understanding of who we are.