5-minute Freewrite: Prompt- Swing

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I watched as the pendulum swing, being reminded of what my mama said.

"Don't let your mind swing back and forth like the pendulum, focus!"

It was already past midnight and everyone's in bed. I love the stillness of the night, no more screaming babies and no more screaming mommy. It was a perfect time.

A perfect time for a snack.

I took off to the nearby playground. You could see dark figures moving around. Some sitting on the bench, cuddling and stuffing each other's faces. There were those that sat alone too. They'd act like they were there waiting for someone, but they were just there checking others out. One was even sitting on the swing. Yep. Playing pretend, are we?

I got past the garden plants and went on with my mission. Snack.

Okay, which should I choose? I was obviously spoiled with choices. It was a cold, cold night, and a hot drink would be great. These two look good. Now, if only I could decide which one...


Mmm, that was one hawt tall drink. He smelled really nice, too! What a yummy treat. Okay guys, you can continue stuffing each other's faces now. My night is done.


art and flair courtesy of @PegasusPhysics




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Hah! Nuuuuu 😎 guess again!

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Haha, yea a little spooky! 😉

  ·  last year (edited)

What a coincidence!

I am presently rereading Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land" as we speak!!

Thanks for the entertaining freewrite.

Namaste, JaiChai


Wow, great to know! Thanks for dropping by, see you around @jaichai :)

It's easy to forget that when we snug and warm in bed (where you should be at midnight) - life carries on out therein the dark recesses...

Great write!


Haha, thanks @whitelite! Fancy seeing you here :) yes, lots of activities go on in the night.


You're welcome! (except in mozzy form)


Haha you got that right!

mosquitoes right? LOL.


You got it! Hahaha 😂 I was beginning to wonder if anyone would get it, LOL!


Haha got it because I did a post on mosquitoes so I could relate. Good write from that viewpoint!

"I got past the garden plants and went on with my mission". That the part i like dear.


Glad you liked it, thanks for dropping by @lapb :)