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Welcome to my FREE DAILY SBD GIVEAWAY January #4


  1. upvote
  2. comment "+1"
    + your comment if you like to
  3. wait until this daily SBD reaches it's payout + max. 1 day until I send your SBD
  4. (optional) resteem for higher visibility and possibly more participants = SBD generated
  5. (optional) follow if you like my posts and want to stay up to date

how does it work?

the amount of SBD generated by this post will be split among the participating people

when get I paid?

you'll get paid in about 7-8 days after this post has started
e.g. you join this daily SBD when it's already 6 days old, your payment should arrive in 1-2 days

you may also want to hop in pending daily SBD $$$ giveaways, just visit my blog.

Thanks for your participation!








Voted nd resteemed . Good luck

+1 Happy New Year @juicypop and let's not forget about Django!

Are you still paying anyone can confirm that? Last time I received a payment was 22 days ago =(

I did not get any payment either

Feels bad :( I stoped upvoting since yesterday, hope to receive the payment soon...

I stopped upvoting too for the past 1 week

25 days now and no payouts and he hasn't replied to anyone questioning him about it.

He starts paying out the posts from December ;) got my trust back,maybe was lack of time

+1 You're the greatest!!