6 Platforms and Apps to Watch Free TV Series and Movies

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Many sites offer movies with HD resolution like 720p, 1080p too. Unfortunately, most of them are illegal and quite dangerous. So, where can we watch quality, legal, Turkish dubbed or subtitles films released in 2019, if necessary, free of charge? We have compiled the most popular X platform for you.
A significant number of serials and movie sites offer pirated content. For the viewers, accessing pirated content has an ethical problem. However, these sites can infect our computers with software that is difficult to get rid of. Therefore , the use of free and legally used movies and series sites, both for information security and the health of the device is very important.

We have a detailed article on this subject that we have published before, so we move on to our main topic. We have compiled the websites you can use to watch free series and movies, and the mobile applications that are linked to these sites for you.

Free short film and series platforms:
Netflix (1 month):

Netflix requires a minimum monthly fee of 29,90 TL or more from users who normally want unlimited access to all their packages. However, the platform is completely free during the first month. In this way, you can make a long-term evaluation and continue your subscription if you wish .

It is a great opportunity for users who haven't tried Netflix yet because there is no content limitation in the first 1 month free package. Netflix's paid services will become more convenient in our country thanks to the new mobile packages that will be active soon .

Netflix's mobile and Windows applications also offer the opportunity to download and view content while the Internet is not available. In addition, the mobile application is designed to be easily used by everyone .

The biggest drawback of Netflix is ​​the content quality. Most of the Netflix Original TV series or movies do not meet the expectations. If you are going to be a member of the platform, do not sign up for only 3-5 Netflix series or movies. You can also give chance to documentaries, award-winning and memorable films .

Offering us the productions of foreign media organizations, BluTV has become the largest optional content platform of our country. He has a different identity with his own original series, documentary teams and special films. Even in terms of content quality , Netflix has categories and sections that will bring stone to the last 1 year.

The biggest advantage of BluTV is that it embraces the culture of internet and adopts projects such as Zero One rising through platforms such as YouTube and transforming it into world-class jobs. The platform's mobile application, as in Netflix, is capable of downloading content and watching non- internet TV series or movies.

BluTV is free for the first week and has an invoice of 19.99 TL in the following months. If the trial period was a little longer, we would probably be able to say more about it. Yet even this time is enough to understand the quality of the content on BluTV. In addition, the platform can also watch live TV channels .

Totally free series and movie platforms:
YouTube Originals:
youtube originals

We have 2 titles on free movies on YouTube. The first one is YouTube Premium. Premium service, which does not awaken much of the expected interest in our country, can be tried because it is free in the first month. Presented YouTube Originals page along with Turkish subtitles are few content presented.

According to the latest statements, YouTube Originals content will be available to free YouTube users . These contents will not differ from paid versions. Money users will have access to behind-the-scenes or exclusive interviews of their YouTube series or movies.

The second major topic on YouTube is the official cinema and TV series that broadcast free movies . We see that many domestic and foreign companies voluntarily share content on YouTube channels free of charge. You can reach this list in the last section of the article.

fox foxplay

Fox TV and media organizations as employees of autonomous extension of Fox TV in Turkey, has built himself a platform to attract internet users. It is possible to access content on this platform free of charge, just like the TV channel .

All of FoxPlay's films and series are domestic production. In the film category , a contemporary selection has been created from Yeşilçam productions to Fox's modern productions. Most of these films are aimed at TV audiences, not cinema halls. So don't expect high content quality.

If you want to watch TV content on TV at any time and not in amrivaki, you can try FoxPlay . You shouldn't expect very high level of original content quality. If your aim is to watch comedy and youth series and kill time, it's okay to browse.

FoxPlay is a platform that tries to appeal to the general audience over the internet. If prominent platforms with specific areas such as Netflix if you notice FoxPlay, you can meet your expectations.

An important part of the expectations in terms of both free and quality puhutv scratch, like the Internet version of the TV. Since it works with a system based on advertising model, it also has its own original productions. In addition to TV series such as Sahisiyet and Dip , quality films played in movie theaters can be found in puhutv.

puhutv's biggest problem is that it does not allow you to download the content to be watched in the mobile application. So you must connect to the internet to use the service . We also recommend you to take a look at our list of the best series on puhutv . The platform currently looks unbeatable in our country in the free category.

puhutv mobile application needs a little more development. Because loading the video content from time to time, balancing the resolution quality may take more time than you expect. You may experience problems, especially in networks with low connection speeds.

Watch movies on YouTube: YouTube channels that share free movies and series:
youtube movie watch

Arzu Film : You can find the legendary Yeşilçam films of the period restored on Arzu Film's YouTube channel.
Avşar Film : The production company shares its own TV productions on YouTube free of charge.
Fanatik Film - Indigenous : Hunting Season, Kabadayı and AROG It is possible to reach many local cult works free of charge through this channel.
25 Films : Likewise, you can access a large number of comedy-oriented domestic films through 25 Film channels.
TRT Television : It is possible to reach all the series of TRT's own production through this channel.
Erler Film Türker İnanoğlu : Yeşilçam productions that come out of Erler Film are on this channel.
Timeless Classic Movies : Channel of old but unforgettable foreign films. It has an archive of countless genre categories.
While there are many YouTube channels that share free movies , we've provided you with channels that legally do. Explore YouTube channels for more options.

As you can see, you don't necessarily have to pay to watch TV series or movies . If your quality concern is not up to date, many beautiful movies and series are waiting for you.