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By The Unhived Mind – 11th January 2019

This isn’t an American cop but he’s a fraud masquerading as a cop because at the top he works for the Universal Postal Union based in Berne, Switzerland outside of the united states of America.  Since 1875 the Universal Postal Union has controlled almost all worldwide commerce including all worldwide military forces. Port Authorities, Police, States, Department of Transport, Treasuries and Courtrooms (foreign vessels in dry dock).  You shouldn’t talk to or hand anything over to these fake coppers because then you’re contracting with them and this then immediately gives them jurisdiction over you. Be aware never to say you’re from ‘THE STATE OF’ as this is nothing more than the courthouse (the foreign vessel in dry dock) working under the Port Authority which itself is mastered by the Freemasonic controlled Universal Postal Union.

The next time a fraud like this comes up to you then ask them if you’re under arrest?  If you’re not under arrest then simply walk away or ask them why they have a gold fringed commerce flag on their uniform as this just masquerades as an Old Glory both in the wrong dimension and desecration by this commerce gold fringe. A gold fringe on a flag always signify COMMERCE and being under the military which again is all run by the heads of commerce the Postmaster Generals under the jurisdiction of the Universal Postal Union. Since 1969 all national flags worldwide were destroyed by the addition of the gold fringe taking jurisdiction over that flag and then if there’s a pole you then have to note what’s on top of the pole as this also changes the jurisdiction of the flag. When Donald J. Trump makes out that he’s all for A-meri-ca (NO-MERCY-for-the-SHEEP) then ask yourself why even to this very day that he both sits and stands right in front of gold fringed flags?


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