Eliahi Priest - Currently detained in Australia live feeds

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A medical kidnapping has taken place in Australia yesterday a video has gone viral of an unlawful arrest source here
live facebook video/

On Eliahi facebook profile he states he was political kidnapped Political Kidnap by the New South Wales Premiere's office. Now it has escalated to medical kidnapping with people in power.

On the 20th June 2018 Eliahi went live on he's facebook profile in the Nambour Hospital he is currently being held under the Mental Health Act 2016

here are the links for he's 2 x live video's

live facebook video 1/

Live facebook video 2/

In analyzing my findings during the reports from what I can see an interesting index of dropbox files lay public for all.

This has currently gone viral on social media and judging from the comments Australians are outraged by how he is being treated. what are your thoughts? let me know in the comments

The dropbox files


Who is Eliahi? and what is he about?

Updated : I will be posting more as this unfolds

21/6/18 6:18PM

Elle Shepherd
3 hrs ·
We were escorted out while the psychiatrist was supposedly assessing Eliahi Priest
Earlier on we were told we could sit in on the interview, but something changed?!?
They are clearly playing a game.
I am ropable.
I will do a post or video soon with updates.

Source : information from public facebook live videos


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Thank you so much @neddykelly for the post , for the spreading of the info which is still hard to come by. Please keep us updated.