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Here we are again, dear reader.
I know that you know that on any given Tuesday we can simply continue doing all the work the world needs to maintain the levels of goods that we consume, but stop paying to get that work back from the crapitalusts, who live merely to leach off the workers, and viola!



We do all the work, sell that work product to the crapitalusts for wages, then buy that work product back at a discount that they call 'profits'.
Then, we get all worked up over how lucky we are to support this leaching class!

Why without them we would be doing all this work for nothing!

We are very lucky that they deign to employ us at all, or we would all be living under bridges.


I don't know who thought crapitalism was the greatest thing since sliced bread, but clearly they are mistaken.
It's great for the 1%, but everybody else gets to suck it?

Not me, buddy.

They are gonna have to find some other sucker.


If I come to your door and force you to do something that you don't want to do, it could be said that I was batting for team satan, yes?

God does not force us to sing in the choir, pay the plate, nor even not take his name in vain.

God doesn't force us to do anything.

Ergo, if somebody is forcing you to do something that you don't want to do, that person is batting for team satan.

Yes, grandma, even you.


This is the prime problem in the world.
Folks just naturally want to bend over to anybody that seizes power.
They worship men in uniforms.

They are mindwarped by the flashylight boxes the world over.


I know my readers don't need to free their minds, it's the ones that refuse to read me that I am worried about.
Please reach out to them, dear readers, they mostly have muted me.

Their cognitive dissonance made them.

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I understand where you are coming from but two sticking points. True capitalism actually helps both the boss and the worker as it is a mutual relationship. Cronny capitalism is more to what you are referencing. Secondly, the notion that someone is forced by a boss to do a job is false. That's why true capitalism and freedom are good. You have the ability through the marketing of your skills to move ahead or even better be your own boss.
The notion that everyone making money is bad is just as silly as saying all people in the fast food industry are idiots. They are both false.
A great disservice was done with minimum wage for two reasons. One it forces monet to go to every employee even those with less skills at the same rate thus eliminating the motivation for you to develop. As a result people lose the drive to want to be better and start looking for someone to blame.
Just my view. Thanks for sharing.

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Tell me how 'true' crapitalism functions without exploiting the have nots by the haves?

If you are your own boss you are exploiting your customer's inability to do what you do.
By requiring payment in money you force your customers to be exploited/exploit others for money, too.
Both of you are slaves of whomever controls the value of that money.

True crapitalism is not changing any of crony crapitalism's underlying flaws.
It just gives a better distribution to the people playing the game.

If you need a kitchen and I can install and bring the kitchen you want to you thats not exploitation. That's an exchange of your money for my labor. I was a have not for a good portion of my life but by building skills I was able to gain more than my parents or I had when I was younger.
Exploitation that you are pointing to would be like the Company store where miners got paid in Scrib and cpuld only use it at the mines store. When there is a competing market you have the ability to choose to go elsewhere thats freedom.
In your theory if ypu started as the clean up guy and worked up to apprentice and then became your own boss then ypu are just exploiting all those ypu worked with because they didn't. So therefore never changing is the only way to stay "good" which traps people in a crappy situation. There are bad bosses and bad workers thats how it will always be. The only true way to combat that is to have as many options out thwre as possible.
If you are concerned with those that can not or may need a hand studies have shown that those that have had to work hard to get what they have also are the most charitable. When a man is just given a fish he expects it the next day. When he learns to fish he will share and help others with that skill. That's not exploitation thats a community.

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If you need a kitchen and I can install and bring the kitchen you want to you thats not exploitation.

No, not exploitation.

That's an exchange of your money for my labor.

Requiring money makes it exploitive.
YOU require that the customer have his money in hand to get the work done.
YOU make this exploitive by doing that.

Exploitation that you are pointing to would be like the Company store where miners got paid in Scrib and cpuld only use it at the mines store.

What do you think Walmart is?
How many mom and pop stores survived to compete?

I can fully explain this to you, but professional writers do it just as well.

IF you only use the knowledge given to you by those that would control you, expect that they leave out the knowledge that leads to freedom.

I so ypu really think that any system even anarchism would make more people motivated to share. Sorry without motivation be it profit, personal gain, or spiritual people don't do much. Improving yourself leads you to help others. Trading is not exploitive at all it is a daily occurance here. You trade this content for steem profit. One would say you are exploiting steemit.
In terms of Wal-Mart it may have taken out some stores but the economy is an ecosystem and other venues have come about from it. You have local farmers.markets that happen because communities want local produce and there are other stores people can shop at. Nobody forces anyone to do anything brother. Sorry your points are not valid but good luck with it. Being free means self responsibility too. If ypu always blame a hand holding ypu down you will never get up.

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Spoken like a true belieber.

You trade this content for steem profit.

That's because I don't get a say in the matter, it's crapitalism or starve.

If you chose to embrace your slavery, there isn't much I can do about that, but wish you a good day!

I love that sign!! Yea, it’s crazy. But I think we still have a lot of theory to develop before we figure out a way to change it. I definitely hate working like crazy at minimum wage so some rich guy can have better margins.

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A better way was devised in 1906.
And polished in 1929.

The people that control what you think didn't think you needed to know.

Thanks I’ll check it out!

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so be your own boss?

Do your own thing from birth to 20.
From 20 to 50 put in ~25k hours producing consumer goods.
From 50 on, do what you will.

Being your own boss is the best you can do in crapitalism, but it still requires that you take profits.
Profits only exist by exploiting others.

apparently you think humans are more special than animals that hunt and search for food. Ok then. I’ll explain that to the next guy who robs me. I’m sure he will agree what they are doing is wrong and it’s because of capitalism. Im sure they will stop.

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Not more special, but not very many animals hunt members of their own species... and even then usually only out of a strong need to survive. We have clearly gone astray somewhere ☹️

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are you kidding me? There are predators in nature - end of story. Ever see Gorillas fight? Lions? Wolves? Humans?

Capitalism, Socialism etc. are just words, the real problem is the distribution of wealth, no matter the system you always have people who take advantage of the system, create laws that are only good for them they become the elites, the untouchables, that is why we have so many billionaires popping up in all places regardless of what political system they have. And this comes down to greed, you know if you have $100 million you don't really need 200 but you want it, and are ready to do anything for it, like the Simpsons Mr. Burns said: I'd trade it all for a little more. I am not against someone getting rich, it is how they get rich that is the problem.
And by doing anything I mean they are willing to maintain an army and police just to make sure the people don't get too uppity, I know, I am living through it right now.
And you know another thing, if all of a sudden all the people who believe in equality were to receive an inheritance that made them very rich their points of view would suddenly change.

Yes, rule by force is the disease.
If those folks had to sell them being 'the elite' it wouldn't happen.
Who buys that?

Rearranging the deck chairs is not gonna cut it.
New boss, more violent than the last boss.

Keep working, stop paying.

Lots of my friends make a similar argument (why bother, greed and poverty and wealth have always existed). But I think this sort of attitude really only appears in our western history... say circa a couple hundred b.c.? There are plenty of other cultures in human history that managed to live on principles of equality and sharing (before we... converted them)

It seems like greed is a symptom not the disease. We can build on that 😊

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