The Key to Achieving Freedom is to Externalize the Physical and Internalize the Spiritual

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There is a familiar pattern to the mistake that badge wearers make when you cross borders. They all depend upon your existence and attachment to the physical to exert control. When you make the mistake of privatizing the physical and publicizing your spiritual life, you get into political trouble (unless you’re trained in how to deal with these like @adamkokesh does). For the rest of you who just want to cross borders without hassle, I’m going to show you how to defeat ignorant authority.

They think they’re protecting “the public” by going through these procedures but the reality is that their world is just about gone and will soon be gone for good. They are achieving the pinnacle of apparent power and last gasp of it at the same time. Meanwhile, what they are really chasing is ghosts. They behave as a tiger in a world of dragons and imagine that they are superior.

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The reality is that the spiritual has always controlled the physical, not the other way around. Those who understand this esoteric truth also know that fascism inverts this order and as a result, it is actually weaker while appearing to be stronger.

Andreas Antonopoulos was recently asked if he was “transporting bitcoin” in any of his baggage. Just asking this question declares the ignorance of authority because it is literally impossible to “transport” bitcoin. This is because bitcoin is a non-physical, intangible data structure. The truthful answer to such a question is always “no”. If you have a hardware wallet, you still aren’t transporting “bitcoin” but you are transporting “cryptographically signed keys”. Bitcoin only exists on a distributed ledger in cyberspace world wide.

As for laptops and other electronic devices, just don’t keep your data on them if you cross the borders, or send these devices ahead through mail delivery. The best way is to just keep the data you want to use on the cloud temporarily using encryption and don’t travel with any devices. It is possible in fact to not have any physical devices whatsoever and access your bitcoin and or cryptocurrency anywhere simply by storing your seed in your brain. That is all that is required to access your wealth in the future.

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This is because there is now a form of wealth that drains political hegemony away from national fiat in the form of intangible assets. One no longer needs to cross borders with any physical devices at all if one knows how to use encrypted cloud storage (I recommend decentralized cloud storage) and memorize a few passwords. You can send your devices via UPS to another country, wiped of contents, and then download them from the cloud on the other side of the border. Or you can just buy a fresh device on the other side of the border and send it back home when you’re done.

Authority really has no idea what they are looking for unless it has physical form. But the physical exists on all sides of all borders. This is why terrorism can’t be stopped in this way. What authority understands the least is that terrorism is in fact a byproduct of authority and that they are their own worst enemy.

There is of course a security risk with cloud storage (particularly centralized cloud storage), but you minimize this problem by invalidating old data and changing all your passwords when you cross borders. That way when the encryption is eventually cracked, the data is no longer valid.

There is still another way that involves hiding data in plain sight using steganography. This can even be done with physical objects as well. It’s possible to create a USB drive that looks like an extension cable…

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The question you should be asking yourself is why does authority freak out over the issue of terrorism? It’s an extremely minor risk. Terrorism pales in comparison to the danger of driving an automobile.

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"When you make the mistake of privatizing the physical and publicizing your spiritual life, you get into political trouble". I don't know what you mean exactly.

The only thing that comes to mind is putting anything three dimensional (food, water, land) under private control, and preventing access to those resources, while making spiritual convictions public. I don't immediately see a possible inversion, though...making physical resources available to all, while keeping spiritual convictions private?

Could you elaborate?


I mean that you shouldn't put too much value into the physical because this is how authority will control you. If you minimize your physical "footprint", authority has less to grab onto. How many cops do you see pulling over the Amish for speeding? Civil asset forfeiture laws make it something abhorrent to police departments. They want money, not pigs and goats.

This was a good read. That USB cable drive is really cool. Never knew something like that existed.


It doesn't exist, but you can make one if you have a razor blade and some glue.

Very helpful post carry on

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