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RE: Think For Yourself and Seek Truth

in #freedom4 years ago

For evil to succeed, all it needs is for good men to do nothing
Amen to that.
We have steemit, Dtube, LBRY and more stuff coming. So fear not good men. Officials are going to feel the BURN.


@vimukthi Indeed the establishment's officials are desperate as their mass deception is shattered by Truth.

I saw an article on steemit on governments managing social media profiles to create the illusion of internet consensus. Nothing surprising. In fact it was pretty obvious they'd do it. Most human being being just a herd that move like zombies they'd just go with the flaw of whatever they see on internet. After showing my article on I had a person denouncing Ayn Rand saying " that's not my opinion. It's the overall consensus of thousands of philosophers...She's an extraordinarily weak philosopher. " That's a real response I've had on steemit of all places. If there is a voice claiming somethings to be true, there will be un-individualistic masses who'd simply take it as immutable gospel. It's like bad investors. They'd just do really dumb stuff and make the entire market crash.