Do We NEED Names? Plus, Why My Name Is Ura Soul... A Tale of Spiritual Balance, True Identity, Legal Strawmen & Simple Fun!

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When we are born, we are typically 'gifted' a name from our parents that fits in with the societal structures that surround us and in many nations that takes the form of a title, a first name and a last name (surname). Several challenges are introduced when we identify with a name instead of simply BEING the living soul that we are - but is it possible to exist without a name on Earth?

Are you Mr. A. Name?

It was this seemingly simple question that began my journey into dropping my name altogether and then eventually starting to use 'Ura Soul' instead.

There are several issues here... Firstly, there is a psychological state of denial created when we internally accept that we ARE our name/title - since the name/title is just a name/title, whereas we are a co-creator of reality and not a name! This seemingly innocuous error in our definition of who we are can have huge consequences for some of us because once we become attached to our name/title, we lose touch with the reality and majesty of who we are in truth. You can see this in an obvious way in 'celebrities' who turn their name into a 'brand name' and then do whatever they can to publicly feed the perceived value of their name. It is often obvious to those around the 'stars' that the star's soul has been lost and that the real, living spirit of that 'star' is becoming ever more heavily warped and denied - often bringing intense mood swings, temper tantrums and a lot of rage.

We can all suffer this fate though, on a smaller scale, just by falsely identifying with our name.

The psycho-spiritual imbalances are one kind of problem that's involved when we choose to identify AS our name - but there is a whole other category of problem that comes along with it - in the form of some of the 'protocols' being used in our corrupted 'legal' systems!

The Legal Situation (Legal Fictions / Strawmen)

When we believe others have 'authority' to create aspects of our own lives, we are disempowered and are denying actual truth. Disempowering belief systems of this nature are the basis for the 'law society' model of interaction that is currently used and relied upon in many areas of this planet.

The truth of individual identity, is that such identity is rooted with the individual, not with a 'court system' or paper document - thus claiming that 'your real name is the one given to you at birth' is a denial of the truth of free will and choice. Free will choice is not dependant on a group or governing body giving agreement that 'its ok for you to choose that name'!

You choose the name and can choose again and again, and again as much as you like and they are all valid 'real' names for you in those moments.

The name that is recorded on a birth certificate is classified as a 'legal fiction' meaning that to use that identity as if it is 'you' is technically a fraudulent act, yet it is considered 'the norm' for many and often many groups and individuals will laugh at and even try and deny the truth of this.

No obligation exists to name you with a name you are given and no provable truth exists that the name on your birth certificate is any more of a real name than any other name.

Since I choose to live in as close to 100% truth as possible, I recognise that I must openly reject any false identities that I am supporting and the name on my birth certificate is one such false identity! All identity documents can be forged and as such, as an act of honesty, I no longer choose nor recognise identity documents that claim a name, genetic code, fingerprint, biometric or other metric as being a valid form of identity for me. This is not evidence of deceit or intent to defraud, it is the result of choosing to live the truth of divine creation that constantly changes and allows full transformation of body, genetics and any other aspect of existence as a way of life.

Besides the issue of free will that is involved here, it appears that unbeknownst to most of us, the ones running the 'legal systems' have inserted their own terms into it's own rules - such that there is literally one set of rules for 'them' and one for 'us'. One of the ways that we get 'trapped' by these rules is when we stand up in a 'court' and declare that 'yes, I am Mr. A. Name' because once we have done that, we are wrongly identifying as a 'legal fiction' - which is a term given to an identifier in law that is fiction. In other words, the name is NOT the 'thing' (person/us) and once we agree to be this 'legal fiction' our standing in the court is diminished! We literally are tricked into accepting less power in the courtroom, just by identifying AS our birth certificate name. You can look at it as a kind of intellectual trick used in the court room that identifies whether you understand how the legal system really works and if you fall for it, then the operators of the court know that they can further dominate you without you being able to defend yourself (since you are unaware of the real rules of the game).

This is pretty complicated topic and it contains aspects that are hotly disputed and which sound 'crazy' when not fully understood - but I remain fairly sure that this is an important point that needs to be understood about the 'court systems' - so I recommend watching the following documentary on this topic:

My name is?

I would really enjoy not having a name at all. I would still be an individual, but you would need to identify my soul's signature to know me... My signature vibration - we all have one and it is not read as words! ;)

I did attempt to do this, however, it is pretty difficult to use the internet without a name - most websites ask for a name and so to avoid having to think of a random name every time i registered for a website, I chose to create a new name that pleases me and which 'cannot be used against me'.

I settled on 'Ura Soul' - because it is the answer to the question "Why don't you have a real name?"

You Are A Soul - So you don't NEED a name and neither do I - We can connect as souls instead of narrowing our experience of each other into a soundbyte and artistic sketch of who each other is - compressed into a name!

The phonetic 'UR' is also an old term for 'magnetic' as far as I am aware - plus 'RA' refers to the light of spirit.. So 'Ura' really means 'electromagnetic' - meaning that the name I am using is both educational, metaphysically intelligent and also amusing!

More formally, I am commonly known as ura soul; ura of the family soul of all that is.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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We are nothing than consciousness. This thing with names is complicated and not comlicated at same time. If you know you are consciousness, you will never indetifying with name, but will respond to it because it is easier to comunicate in that way. Problem is with people indetifying with their name or anything in the end. Simple and complicated, it depends how much you are in the matrix.