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Welcome to a special edition of the Liberty Lifestyle Podcast in association with the Salt Lake Freedom Hive.

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In this special presentation by Michael Cundick with tips from David Turner, we learn about the importance of Permaculture Gardening and building stronger, healthier communities.

Michael and David work with the Salt Lake Permacutlure Guild and the SLC Air Protectors. Check out the links in the show notes for more information if you're in the local area.

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Wendell Berry

Amazon's mysterious black earth earth: Soil found along region riverbanks; Rich in nutrients, stores more carbon

Social Permaculture

Bill Mollison

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David Turner

SLC Air Protectors

Salt Lake Permaculture Guild

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The Conscious Resistance

Audiobook: An Agorist Primer by Samuel Edward Konkin

New Libertarian Manifesto Audiobook

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