All Warfare is Commerce & All Commerce is Warfare

in freedom •  26 days ago

You can do a common law contract without doing commerce.

Commerce is regulated by the Uniform Commercial Code which is controlled and governed by the (Roman Cult owned and operated) United Nations through their UNIDROIT statute.

Currently 64 countries, have adopted the UNIDROIT Statute, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, most of Western European countries and many others.

UNIDROIT is located in Rome about 100 yards from the Vatican (the Roman Cult).

Another name for the UNIDROIT statute is Private International Law.

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War accomplishes primarily five things: Consolidation of power, transfer of wealth, a boost for the economy, furthering the Depopulation Agenda and it keeps people in fear and panic and makes them easier to control.
It is a gift that keeps on giving for TPTSNB. Why wouldn't they use it as their favorite tool? On top of it, it even makes some leaders more popular.
A win-win for the cabal, a lose-lose for mankind.


You are 100% correct with all of that!