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I don’t know how this is going to end

System Failure

Fear not, this system may go critical or be disrupted.

Hmm, despite this sounding like a cliche from a movie, it has already begun, a mass awareness is underway, and this is a worldwide phenomena.
Vast numbers of individuals are discovering the system is a fraud with criminals, sociopaths, and indoctrinated officials and workers perpetuating Mass Deception. Many are unaware they are assisting the great deception.

The Collective Consciousness

The collective consciousness is a kind of Mass Effect field on earth; perhaps the theories about the “Morphic Fields” and “Noosphere” do have a basis in fact...

With the development of institutional governance, mass communications, mass marketing, and compulsory education the collective consciousness has been manipulated and deceived.

Dear Truth Seeker, You may not be popular, but you are not alone and your task is not to “wake up” everyone.
Many individuals do not wish to wake up, some who are not capable and some who want to ignore that hellish pit in their path.
The desire to remain blissfully ignorant is a decision for some.

Deception Inflicts A Wound

Deception is in violation of natural law because it is a theft of the truth and it is harmful.
Mass deception by institutions are Crimes Against Humanity.

– Defining the State as Criminal –
Governments kill and plunder on a scale that no mass murderer and ‘robber band’ could hope to emulate.

Have you heard of the term “state-corporate crime”?

State-corporate crime refers to serious social harms that result from the interaction of political and economic organizations. The need for such a concept can be seen when examining major events such as 9/11 and the ongoing bailouts from the 2008 Great Recession.

This increase awareness of a class of organizational crimes that are the collective product of the joint actions between state agencies and business corporations is growing among the citizens worldwide. This suggests that an additional conceptualization of criminal organizational relationships between government agencies and business corporations is needed. If investigative journalism was allowed on MSM to sketch out the historical context for the relationship between power and crime and explore the relationships between state-corporate crime for criminological inquiry.

In other words, if journalists and news reporters actually did their jobs and investigated the influential organizations such as corporate media, central banks, market exchanges, funded military activities, intelligence agencies, high priests in the organized religions, and high officials in all organizations, including governments, then the world could begin to address the wars, ills and disease plaguing this world.
Books such as Orwell’s 1984 fictional novel, and research textbook titled:
State Crime: Governments, Violence and Corruption” by Penny Green and Tony Ward, should be required reading in all educational centers, government/military officials and careers in journalism.

I am still surprised when I hear an individual use the phrase “conspiracy theorist” as a form of character assassination, or when a individual fall back on a PhD. level of education (as an “expert”) to refute contrary evidence and natural law.
Many astrophysicists and court judges are in for a rude awakening when the institutional crisis becomes visible to everyone…

Look around, do you see a vast disconnect?

Policy makers are far removed from the "citizens".

Do you see a rise in illness and suicides?
Do you see an increase in institutional governance & corruption?
Do you see an increase in poverty and suffering?

If you do not see those things above then maybe you are tuned to mainstream media and under the spell of educational indoctrination, and perhaps you should unplug yourself from that matrix, for there are inherent dangers in “groupthink”.
Blindly following the herd could lead to running off the cliff.

Cable TV, NEWS networks, corporate entertainment, and compulsory education are twisting the public’s world-view.
Yes, that psyop has warped reality where citizens volunteer to be slaves and obey policy makers.

“You are not responsible for the programming you picked up in childhood.
However, as an adult, you are one hundred percent responsible for fixing it.” –Ken Keyes, Jr.

I do not know how many individuals will escape that mental conditioning and institutional programming, but I hope you are one who will.

Perhaps, The Way Out Is In

I apologize if any of this appears cryptic, however this is not a Q&A forum and some questions are only answered by the questioner’s inner-self as a personal quest.
Indeed, this is a simple case of looking within, of “knowing” and “doing” with “focus” and “intent”.

This means you must have the will power to say NO, and not blindly follow orders.
This means you must know Wrongs from Rights.

If you are in uniform, then you may have to discard the uniform.
If you signed a nondisclosure contract then you may have to rescind the contract.

These are the challenges for those who wish to be free.

These may be difficult choices, but they still are your individual choices.
Choose Wisely.

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A Masterfull Post - A Great Post - Thank you @ronmamita - I couldn't have said better myself - an Inspirational Reminder ;-)

Thank you @blackrussian for being here!
I wish many get to see this and perhaps some will reconnect to their inner-self - that was whispering a important message to themselves.

Exceptionally well constructed! I am in complete agreement and applaud this essay. Thank you and I am certainly going to re-steem this.

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There is so much exposure of those that take advantage now. There is so much deception that is getting exposed these days to. The Internet really does help with that too. I am more open-minded and my eyes are more open then they have been. I am glad that I am more understanding of the things that are going on around me then I was when I was younger. I hate that I was such a blind sheep before.
It’s a good feeling to be more aware of what is really going on around me. I look back and I can’t believe that one day years ago I actually though CNN was a good reliable source of information. HA…!!! So funny now!
Thanks for the post.

CNN and the U.S. gov are not alone, it is a institutional plague - an AGE of Deception.
Sadly, the world is not as we were taught.

Nope, not at all