Birth of the "deep state"

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Please check out this video. It has a lot of good info to refresh your memory on the big picture of what's been going on.

This may be long and kind of dry to watch if you're not in the zone but we need to brush up on the hidden history behind what is going on and why they are trying to constantly divide us if we ever want to truly be "red pilled" so we can red-pill our friends, neighbors and family.
So many people are fast asleep , we see them every day and and talk to them , and get dragged into nonsensical discussions with them and for everything we tell them, they have already been pre-programmed with an automatic rebuttal by the billions and billions of out units of work that get stolen from us and spent on propaganda and flat out mind control to enslave us so that they can have absolute control.

For what? To reinforce a control structure that's caused far more death and destruction than they are claiming to want to prevent.

They are running the sleeping world full speed like lemmings to a cliff and they are trampling us and dragging us along in the crowd.
These people are stupid. These people are sick. WWG1WGA.

Warning: there is propaganda even embedded in this video, this video is not gospel but a good jumping off point for more research!
Please click this video and watch it in parts if you don't have time or get burned out watching it all at once and watch with a browser ready so you can look stuff up, because you will probably want to.
Thank you everybody.

These people even tried to co-opt the rainbow, that's why I say don't chase their rainbows, make your own rainbows!
STAY UP FREE PEOPLE! -raddog out
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