Losing Liberty

in #freedom2 months ago


We will lose the fight against mandatory masks.
We will lose the fight against unproven mandatory vaccines.
And after we will lose our nation and freedoms.
2021 will be the beginning of the end for a safe, secure Western society.
Some day you will find these pages buried under piles of burned out rubble and bodies, or, more accurately, bones.
We are the lost civilization and social media was the tool used to divide and destroy us.

We are becoming more like Nazi Germany in the 30s every day.

Covid concentration camps,
limiting and censoring free speech,
deplatforming dissidents,
arresting political opponents,
suspending government,
one ruler passing orders without democratic vote,
taking down names of people attending religious or social gatherings,
publicly shaming and doxing those who don't comply,
denying access to food, medical services, and work if you don't comply with unproven medical practises,
deciding what products are essential and how you can buy them,
banning guns arbitrarily,
deciding what jobs and people are essential or not,
comply with unscientific rues or face fines or imprisonment,
rat lines to report your friends and neighbours,
soon you'll have to carry vaccine papers to eat or work outside of your home,
exercise and play regulated or closed down,
euthanasia supported to cull the elderly or sick,
gender manipulation supported and exercised without due process,
media arrested for practicing journalism.

Yup, nothing at all like Germany in the 1930s eh?