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My man Adam Kokesh, this guy really enlightened me with his interviews.
A true Libertarian trying his best to wake the world up to step out of the paradigm into an oasis.
He is a former Marine that saw the true and corrupt side of the system. He's running for president in the future.
Now that mainstream media is a flogged dying horse, I hope independent media and journalist flourish!
Enjoy these great discussions with random people on the street.
Even in the ones with the toughest bias argument all get Kokeshed one by one.

These are a few of my favorites! If you enjoyed these videos, he has a lot more on youtube. I hope his messages go viral to mass, so if you support the Libertarian movement. Post these vids to social media! Have a great day folks!

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great info.

Thanks brother!

In the first video above with the homeless woman, they unfortunately didn't talk about perhaps the most important reason for homelessness: immigration. I found it interesting that in one breath the homeless woman criticized the border wall and then in another, complained about how criminal aliens were filling jobs and not playing by the employment rules that citizens have to follow. It seems to me that the logical first step is to build and wall, and strictly enforce tough immigration laws.