Thank you for this. I missed this completely. Bought some straight away.

@exyle you just added a little bit of SALT to spice up your cooking. Good Job !

Glad to see the flow took you to SALT my man. I missed the ICO sale, but I have been watching it to start buying when it dips. It's sitting at a pretty good price now. I wonder if this crypto to fiat loan is a loophole to the capital gains tax since you aren't technically selling. I love the fact that you get your exact amount of crypto back instead of the USD value at that time. It will be interesting to see how the UI operates because if it is anything like Eric's previous work we will all be very abundant :)

Eric Voorhees the Bitcoin villain!

How did a post that is only one picture make $20 ? You should up-vote other people than just yourself Craig.

It's a video.

man I bought $1,500 worth of SALT when it was $7.50 .. so Im down right now .. but I an't tripping

@craig-grant I have some SALT. I like what SALT is going to be doing in the near future with Crypto Loans using your Bitcoin as collateral. I believe they may also have their own Card coming too.......Really Good Stuff and I am glad to see you have some SALT. SALT will help to keep the FLOW Working in our Favor.

I can see bitcoin breaking out because people are trying to benefit from hardfork.

Thank you

Quite an interesting concept here. Being able to pull cash out of BTC without selling the underlying asset is fantastic for BTC investors. This will greatly simplify taxes for many BTC entrepreneurs and will provide a nice writeoff at the same time. Thanks for sharing!

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It's great that exodus have added SALT to their growing portfolio. The concept of SALT sound really interesting, the fact that you can keep your crypto and borrow money against it is a very innovative idea. Hopefully, the loans can be paid of and the holding crypto investment rises during the period and everybody can be a winner.

I think this Salt ICO is going to do well. It should have great success since Eric Voorhees was an early adopter of Exodus & it did well.

It's a shame that you can't get a coin if you don't hold any of it.
Like Salt, if I hold 0 in Exodus I can't change it for BTC or ETH
Or maybe I'm wrong?

Thanks for sharing :-) @craig-grant I am following. Best of Luck !

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