How To Stop Buying Stuff You Don't Need And Be Free

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We all have too much stuff that we want to get rid of, yet we can't pass by a store without buying something else. Yet, the more stuff we have, the more responsibility we have, and the less freedom we have. Having stuff means we are responsible for storing it, cleaning it, insuring it, moving it, making space for it, organizing it and protecting it.

We buy things in case we run out. We buy in bulk so we get a discount and save making multiple trips


We make all kinds of excuses for being shopaholics.

We Spend More Than Money When We Overbuy

We spend our space in our homes storing items in it.

We spend our time shopping for items.

We spend our peace of mind when we have too much clutter.

Avoid shopping unless you need something, and challenge yourself to avoid impulse purchases. One item less is a start.

One item less to donate, sell, or throw it away.

Buying too much stuff takes up space in our house and our mind.

It creates chaos, distracts us and lowers our productivity. Sometimes we can’t find the stuff we are looking for.

This is a waste of energy, time and money, and it deprives us of a pleasant environment to live and work in.

We already have all the stuff we need.

We can be happy with less, and reduce and multi-purpose the things we have. We can use scotch tape to pull lint off of your clothes, and coconut oil to brush our teeth. We can clean our windows with vinegar and use half a lemon and baking soda to clean our sink.

You have enough. You have more than enough.

Having less is easier. Then you have more time and money and energy for fun.

You will amaze yourself with all the freedom you have!

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Nice post, and a true sentiment.

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This is definitely a post that more people should read. We are guilty of buying too much at times. I have been working more on decluttering our home to free up space rather than shopping to continue filling it!

That's good to hear. When I started working on getting rid of stuff it helped me not to buy more, because it takes a lot of time to unload it once you have it.