How to Make Fast BTC Faucet Rewards

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In case of faucet rewards there are so many sites are available on the web.

But, here I'm gonna talk about " "

It is one of the best site for faucet, it gives faucet at every 1-1 hour. But it's too long time for very small amount of BTC

So today I'm gonna show you how to get fast BTC using multiply BTC game

So here what you have to do is
First of all

In your account there should be minimum amount of 0.00000400 BTC should be available.

Now, all you have to do is

Get to the Auto BET
Set the BET Amount 0.00000001
No of Rolls : 200000
BET on : alternative
On WIN : Return to base bet
On lOSE : increase BET by 100%
On hitting MAX BET : Return to base BET, Randomise client speed, do not refresh

& That's it now you have just press "Star Auto Bet" button

& Be careful
Main thing is
As soon as you get 0.00000999 just stop the betting otherwise you will start loosing...

Do this at an interval of 1 day with different ip address.