Results: Dr. TLK_ SBD 💲 and LOVE 💓 share # 30_ Mar 05, 18

in #free5 years ago (edited)


The winners of # 30 sharing episode are:
1- @catweasel
2- @wonderwop
3- @ninahaskin
4- @febradaytamarra
5- @chadrona
6- @shielashraf
7- @yankee-statman
8- @nelinoeva
9- @mineopoly
10- @vegaron
11- @ekavieka
12- @daisydelta
13- @ategun
14- @benedict08
15- @realnairda
16- @wandrnrose7
17- @joveanz
18- @clicketyclick
19- @coinfarmer
20- @braveheart29
21- @rayne122
22- @irastra
23- @syafrizal
24- @kreystin
25- @strypes
26- @ablaze

Thank you all for following the New rules of sharing the SBD and for your support 😊.

The SBD💲 payout of this post = 1.404/27 (including myself) = 0.052 SBD

To everyone else who voted but didn't follow the rules, I hope you will get it next time .

Many Thanks to @qurator, @make-a-whale and everyone else who voted generously to increase the reward pool

...Till Next Episode!

Dr. The Leaping Koala 😊

Logo by @orcheva

If I forgot anyone by any chance please don't hesitate to let me know 😊


Thank you my sweetheart tlk for your most generous gift of SBD. You rock. 😍

Thank you my dear @wonderwop for your love, support and sponsorship. I hope I will be able to share with you more SBD in the future

But you will always get lots of love from me :D<3

Just wanted to give a little love back for all you do for us. 😘

What are the rules of the contest, sir? Can I know about the contest?

You can check the rules Here

please I would love to be a part of this. it looks like a lot of fun. I need guidelines about what is going on @theleapingkoala.

The most generous person! Thank you my dear friend!
Much love ❤❤❤

Thanks a million again @theleapingkoala... Much appreciated for us minnows starting out to have a helping hand.. We will remember you when we are whales :o)

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