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in free •  8 months ago

I have just verified by testing over the last week over 30 more NEW faucets
that actually give out small amounts of free cryptocurrencies.
I have also marked a few faucets which have run dry, so you don't waste your time....

So I've set up the page here:

By the way reply, resteem or follow me and I will upvote yote (just moved steem to steem power) and have more coming on line shortly!

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I have just followed your instructions to setup coinpot already by using your referral. Not sure
How it works. Trying it now. Thanks.


if you have questions ask me here or on one of my new posts and I will endevour to help....


Ok, so I just log in all coins page? Then it mine the coins itself? Can i close page after log in?



I have a new blog post with small samples on the stuff I will be doing here:https://steemit.com/free/@richatvns/yes-free-cryptocurrency-is-out-there-still

Hi My wife refer me to here.
And I have created pot already.
Thanks for sharing.


yep it is then I have a second page after you sign up...
to run them from....
no ads ready to go for you!

I would like to point out there are no PopUp or Pop Under Ads on my faucet referral page, and no javascripts or plugins on the page either.

This way you know my page is not slowing down your browser. And allowing you a jump off point to sign up to vetted faucets.....


So essentially it’s fast faucets, the coinpot site seems pretty simple


yep it is then I have a second page after you sign up...
to run them from....

All bookmarked and vetted for you!

The beauty is when I come across new sites that payourt I will add them.
And the sites that stop paying and scammers come off.

Saving you the time and effort....
All I ask is that you use my referral page to signup....
So I get paid when you guys get some tokens to....

That way I can continue to keep the page updated.

I promise never to put popup ads, videos, java script or embedded mining software on my pages!