A free society needs a foundation

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I first published this series of articles in the German-speaking area under #freie-gesellschaft. I started the attempt to translate this article series also for the English-speaking countries. I have only a limited command of English and have therefore used a translation program. However, many terms are very difficult to translate because there is no clear translation for some words. I hope, however, that at least the meaning of the content will be understandable.
for the English readers I will open the section #free-society

Freedom is a big concept. Everywhere one hears this word. Everyone wants to live in freedom. But when we walk through our environment with an open gaze, we realized that freedom is not in good shape. Freedom seems to be getting more and more restricted.

Everywhere there is discomfort. Blame attributions are the order of the day and cloud the view of freedom. There seems to be a curse on freedom. Many trains of thought emerge to analyse who is to blame for this prevention of freedom.

However, the deeper the gaze is directed, the more insightful the result becomes. It is we ourselves who keep closing the door to freedom. But how do you push it open? The search for culprits does not open it either. However, we tend to remain in a diffusion of responsibility, which means waiting for others to take on this difficult task. There is a tendency to delegate this responsibility - politics has to do it, because they have screwed it up. And every call for politics is answered with another regulation, or a law, which is supposed to serve freedom and protect it. But freedom cannot be protected, protection means being restricted in its effect. Just think of personal protection and how it must be implemented.

So it is walls that must be torn down in order to gain freedom.
Walls that constrict us, that make it increasingly difficult for us to breathe.

Often one hears the words "getting out", "emigrating",

When you get out, you don't just stop, you have to go somewhere. When you emigrate, the question often arises "Where to", where is freedom? One is content with the argument that one can go where one can live more freely. But where is that? Are there no walls? If so, which ones? If this question is answered, however, it is not certain that my needs will not again perceive these walls as a loss of freedom. And then what? Emigrating again, always on the move? Some may be happy about this, but it is not everyone's cup of tea.

Perhaps these many questions are also the reason why "being free" is so difficult for us. Above all, we are not alone in this world, which makes "being free" so difficult. Everywhere we go there is someone who could restrict our freedom.

One can resign oneself and accept this as given. But we don't want that either.

However, I think that if we recognize who we are and how we tick, a way could be possible that could give us the best possible freedom. The way into a socialization of "free" people, into a free society.

And that's exactly why I'm opening my own blog section, #free-society
For some perhaps a utopia, but this should not prevent me from building a foundation to make the seemingly impossible possible.

If you want to build a house, you need a solid foundation. The most beautiful house will collapse if the foundation is missing, or is not strong enough to absorb dynamic fluctuations. And every foundation must be built on a stable natural foundation. If you build on sand, you need a floating sole plate. But this sole plate can only carry a limited load. So it is better not to build on sand if you want to extend the house more and more.

We already live in a social house where the walls crumble and the foundations tear. The ground is sinking. In order to extensively renovate such a house, as a civil engineer I would have to recommend leaving the house during the renovation phase and living elsewhere in the meantime, or accepting the inconvenience that arises.

But where should the partners go? So all that remains is the renovation. In order to submit a renovation proposal, a comprehensive analysis must be carried out in order to be able to move from an actual state to a target state.

This series should be the attempt to suggest the way of a possible redevelopment, which cannot redevelop the whole house, but could provide a solid foundation. In order to complete the renovation of the house, a comprehensive personal contribution will be necessary.

If one thinks about the renovation, the thinkers of the European Enlightenment of the 17th and 18th centuries are still decisive when it comes to freedom. Today, one must almost be ashamed to admit that one has deeply rooted one's thinking in the European Enlightenment. But the Enlightenment is still necessary. This justifies my series of articles. I hope that I have backed up the theses formulated in it in such a way that they are acceptable.

Anyone who has studied the Enlightenment period in more detail will find something familiar in this series. But he shouldn't close his eyes and ears when he is confronted with the radical consequences of what he had in mind at the time. There are also such things. There is an opportunity to deal with them on the basis of this series.

The current lack of freedom is obvious. Even the functional elites in business, media and politics are no strangers to them. However, in view of the overdue nature of change, it makes little sense to focus attention only on the shortcomings. It is more helpful to revive the discussion about basic social issues. Only in this way can better solutions be found.

Not all the research results presented here are immediately catchy. Through systematic presentation and multiple use of redundancies, I try to make it easier to understand those passages of the text that present the unusual. I also try to let other authors have their say wherever possible or necessary. For this reason, readers will find many references in the text that they can follow if necessary.

Today should be the end of it for now,

Your @zeitgedanken

#free-society #blog

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Na jetzt machst Du Dir aber so richtig Arbeit.
Wobei die Veröffentlichung auf englisch sogar wichtiger ist als auf deutsch.


Ich danke Dir. Wobei ich noch herausfinden muss unter welchem content ich die größte Reichweite generieren kann.

... Dir aber so richtig Arbeit.

lieber @stehaller Du kennst mich doch bereits. Andere Reden? Wir machen und reden.


Also @larkerose hat immer als tag #voluntaryism und #anarchy.
@adamkokesh hat immer noch zusätzlich #freedom.


Danke, werde ich austesten

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