Snax authentication post

in free-snaxaccount •  4 days ago

I want to link my Steem account with my account on Snax blockchain using
Please, create Snax account for me!
My authentication hash: 5d6b2f403b7dc186c411ccf8441fdc87e6b828d007c3e4f36e3771bfa07f8427

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^^ This is a really crappy way to have to authenticate, btw.
And for some reason my freshly made "ausbitbank" account was already associated with @panza on steem...


It certainly is. At min, they could have done custom json, or better yet just do what ByteBall did. They could even had made a top-level post that you can make a comment on, all of those options better.




I agree, this authentication post is the very reason I do not want to link my account just yet. It just looks like a spam post 😔

You have receive an upvote. Thanks for playing moonSTEEM

Enjoy Snax @ausbitbank, I linked my Steem account recently.

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Hi, Ausbitbank! It seems I couldn't create #Snax account for you because something went wrong 😟 I'm really sorry. Can you repeat the registration attempt, please?
@SnaxTeam made some fixes for it.