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RE: Histoire de ma vie jusqu’à ce jour - Épisode 30 - Croisière de la Jeanne d'Arc: Montevideo, Purto Belgrano, Valparaiso

in #fr5 years ago

Sir,I have read your story.Its makes me much pleasure.You write your storyin your won language but I have read it the help of google translate.I am waiting your next writing.


You don't need to translate what is already a translation from English. See the link to the original in English on the first line of the post.

And, please, do not call me "Sir". 😉

Actually English is not my mother language,I read your story translate my own language.I don't read English properly.I think you understand it.

Ah OK. I understand now why you need to translate.

And what is your mother language? Bengali?

Thanks vcelier,
Wow, still only 67 and you have done so much. Sounds like a very enriching Life. Maybe I will just have to settle for living vicariously through you via your blog lol

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