Alternative Energy, Electric Cars, and POWER LEDGER.

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So power ledger, I think they are doing some clever things in renewable or alternative energy. Electric car inovation for your household. Check out my crypto playlist if you didn’t see that video in which I spoke about them.

Incase you didn’t know. The general sentiment towards fossil fuels is getting more and more negative. People are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment. The fact of the matter is that we are going to need fossil fuels less and less as we move forward in society. As renewable or alternative energy gets more popular and cheaper due to technological advancements. It’s a fact, fossil fuel and fossil fuel based energy companies don’t want this happen. Obviously.

These companies are heavily invested in countries all over the world and governments have huge interest in the fossil fuel game. A lot of the financial and political infrastructure is based around oil with the "SDR" and all that. I think this has been part of the reason why no substantial technological advancements have been made by these guys to improve energy efficiency in a whole bunch of sectors like transport for example. But major vehicle manufacturers who also are invested in these fossil fuel companies are seeing the increasing demand for renewable or alternative energy usage and their ways of operating are slowly changing as evidenced by BMW and the increasing popularity of Tesla. We’re seeing a shift towards electric cars these days.

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