That is what I am calling it. The story is long and details really do not matter, let me just do a summary.
The school required birth certificates for the kids to start, could not find 2 of them. Sent to the state for copies, it was COVID time and it took forever to get them, we barely got them to the school before the kids were to be kicked out.

School year is now over. Very pleased that kids got to go, no masks, no barriers, just school. But the school officials gave us attitude all year. OK, whatever...
Well, a couple days ago, the secretary finds she does not have birth certificates. I cannot know why. I KNOW she had them, I was the one who, last fall, removed them from a kid's backpack with a sticky note from the secretary, a few days after the documents were sent to school. Did she misfile them? Throw them out to be a bitch? I can't know. All I know is what she chose to do:

She sent an email to us and the parents threatening to call the law on us and charge us with kidnapping if we do not get her the documents. Rather than simply call and ask for another copy, she went straight to "I can totally fuck with your life."

This is not a teacher. This is a paper pusher. The one who is in charge of scrutinizing each child as though they were a piggy bank and trying to determine how much Federal money they can shake out of it. At the start of the year, they asked us to fill out papers to get free lunches. We did not, we said "We will just pay." They said. "Oh, well, because of COVID they all get free lunch anyway. And breakfast." The paper work was simply for shakin' babies. Poor babies pay better than middle class ones.

They called the parents in and said they thought the beta twin was autistic. She is not at all, absolutely no actual sign of autism. She is the beta twin, she lets her sister have all the glory and she just does her own little thing. The alpha twin LOVES school and teacher praise, the beta one likes to draw and work on farm equipment with Grandpa. But if we get her diagnosed (and drugged!) there is money, somebody has to shake the babies, right? Labeled and drugged babies pay better than merely introverted ones.

Now, the teachers know how to play their role in the game, but they need a firewall of "I just care about the children" to hide behind, so schools find a little tyrant who is EAGER to disrupt a family - you know - "For the (Federal funding I can get by labeling and drugging the) children." And this is probably the most conservative school in rural Idaho. If you are sending your kids to public schools, PLEASE stay alert for Shakin' Baby Syndrome.

We are home schooling now. And in a few days I should be able to stop shaking.

Back side of Mt Howard in Joseph, Oregon. Taken with my cell phone. Has nothing to do with the story.


Weird, threatening to call the law and have charges filed for kidnapping, what's this woman smoking? You don't even need to have twins to realize that any two kids in a family can be as different as day and night. A quiet child isn't an indication of something wrong, I think they get so many kids who are hyper active from being ignored at home they think somethings wrong when a child actually behaves in a quiet mannerly way. Seems now they just want to push drugs off for any reason. To hyper give them drugs, to quiet give them drugs. Teachers answer to everything now a days.

Free covid lunches?, I haven't heard that one yet. My grandson was coming home with a bag of food at the end of every week, on top of that now parents who have kids in school they are funneling hundreds of dollars each month through the school lunch program onto bridge cards for parents, it doesn't matter the income status. The republicans had better wake up because democrats are buying their way to re-election.

Yeah, even here in rural Idaho, the restaurants are closing down because they cannot hire help. I do not really blame people, all of us try to get the job that pays the best and now, being a parasite at the government trough is what pays the best.
As for the school... Do you remember when I was running a campaign to elect a new Sheriff? After a deputy shot and killed a local rancher? Yeah... Half the town is related to the Sheriff I tried to unseat, and half of them work at the school. I honestly think there was a decision made to get us out of "their" school. Small towns have a dark side, ya' know!

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