Max Verstappen switching to Mercedes in 2020 rumor?

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Max Verstappen is a hot topic in the F1 curcuit lately as he's on the rise and so is his team Red Bull it seems. Red Bull had won the Constructor Championship for four consecutive years from 2010-2013 followed by a 5 year domination by Mercedes from 2014-2018.

Altough it appeared Lewis Hamilton is going have an easy path to his record breaking 6th title this year Red Bull seems to be making a comeback to top form. Max Verstappen has won two races this year and got his first pole position in the last Hungarian GP altough he failed to win it.

Max Verstappen

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Mercedes rumor

Max Verstappen holds the world record as the youngest diver in F1 history to have scored points (in his debut season with Torro Rosso in 2015) and winning a race (with Red Bull in 2016).

For the past five years it has been practically pure boredom with nobody being able to challenge Hamilton and Mercedes except Vettel and Ferrari occasionally.

Rumor had started that Max Verstappen could be making a switch to Mercedes after he won pole position on Saturday.

If Nico Rosberg's sources are right though Verstappen has a clause in the contract that prevents him from leaving for a year if he finishes inside Top 3 in Championship standings before Mid Summer break.

Why would Mercedes want to sign Verstappen? Pros and cons

One reason could be that that they want to snatch what could probably be the best driver outside of Hamilton and thus reduce the chances of a rival team beating them in the Constructor Championships should they have a competitive car that is close to performance of Mercedes.

But having two of the fastest drivers in the same team could mean potential trouble. Young Verstappen is out there to prove himself. And Hamilton altough older than him doesn't seem to have lost any speed at all and we all know he's relentless competitor. So these two could potentially get into collisions and cost the team points. Also they are less likely to take team orders out of pride.

Maybe Rosberg's sources are right and we won't see the switch in 2020, but maybe in 2021?

Would you like to see it? The of the best dueling in the same machine?

I wouldn't mind it at all.

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Would be great to see them race but personally I think RedBull are on the rise and next year we could see an equal challenge for the Merc. It would be better to see two teams / drivers racing fo the win ruling out any team decisions. Plus I think at some point we might get Aston martin back in and that would be amazing to see. He should stay in my book 💯🐒